PSA: Tokidoki at Winners (Canada)

  1. My mom was at College Park Winners this past Saturday and saw Tokidoki bags. She helped me snag a Zucca in Citta Rosa for $99 - I love it! I have been wanting a Zucca for so long and finally have one. Last year, I picked up a Scuola, also from Winners. I love this store!
  2. Holy Cow!! I wonder if my Winners has Toki?!
  3. RATS !!! Why oh why do I always miss the Tokidoki at Winners ?!

    You snagged an awesome deal ~!
  4. Oh wow, I think I would have grabbed that sucker too! Of course if I was still working at Winners I wouldn't have any money to buy it. :smile:
  5. The only thing I've seen in various winners in Calgary and Vancouver area was adios star (BV, canguro, stellina and campeggio).... and they all had some sort of red bleeding at the edges where the thread is :/

    What a great find!!
  6. Woah! I definitely hafta go check this out.
  7. good find. does your Citta Rosa zucca come with a qee?
  8. Yes, amazingly it did. Apparently, it was still on a rolling rack with a bunch of other purses waiting to be put out on display. I have found in the past that Tokodokis on the hanging racks rarely have a qee on them.
  9. I just snagged my first Tokidoki at Winner's. And for $40....too cute. I love the Tokidoki line.
    DSC01951.JPG DSC01949.JPG
  10. Love it! Oh, I should add a picture of mine. I can't wait to use it this weekend!

  11. ^^ Love the placement on that bag - I've always wanted a Citta Rosa with the motorcycle girl.

    Soooo.. if anyone else sees Toki at Winners - PLEASE LET ME KNOW ! :drool::drool::drool:
  12. CUTE! And that's a great deal!
  13. At Winners??? WOw how much was that one?
  14. $99 :smile:
  15. I checked my Winners and they didn't have any =(