PSA regarding Kristin Rouched Leather Hobo

Aug 24, 2009
Mods, if this is in the wrong place, please move it and I apologize.

I just ordered my PCE purse this evening. If you are considering the Navy Rouched Hobo, now is the time my friends. At 6pm this evening there were 108 left at Jax down from 118 at 1pm, and I know most of the stores locally here (Chicago outskirts) never got it in so I fear it may be hard to find in store as well.

If you can convince your SA (like I did mine) the SA will do a pre-order for you, honoring the PCE price now and do overnight shipping for free.


Sep 23, 2009
Miami, fl
I did also mine in chalk. I have a doubt regarding color transfer. Do you think it will happen???


Sep 6, 2006
i think it depends to be honest. i know there was an incident where i was watching a bag that was pretty low for a customer, who knew that, and the next day it was gone! we were waiting for the PCE. my manager says that sometimes jax 'hides' the bags to save it so it doesn't get all sold out during PCE...i wasn't sure until i saw this bag pop back up (after not seeing a backorder date too!) AFTER the pce.

and yes, preorders can be done but usually as an accommodation for reasons and its up to the store/sales associate and customer--

the pce card for march is so pretty! straight out of the catalog