PSA **RECALL**on Peter Pan Peanut Butter -salmonella

  1. ConAgra Foods, Inc. : Investors : News Release=

    VERY scary as I actually have this:wtf:
    It's already half gone so it's fine I assume, but I'm throwing it out anyhow.
    I may take a photo of teh top of mine/lot # if any one needs reference.
  2. Eeew! Thanks for posting this, Swanky!

    First E. Coli in spinach, then botulism in carrot juice, and now this?

    I thought vegetables and plant products were the only things that COULDN'T become contaminated!
  3. I thought I had that one, but just looked, its skippy! Scary stuff!
  4. I heard it on the radio this morning, it was on when my alarm woke me up.
    I of course assumed I didn't have it, I mean, how often is there a recall and it's actually something in your home?

    I almost didn't check. Then my MIL called me about it, I told her I'd heard already. And just to placate her I went and checked and sure enough, I have a jar. . . I'm shocked!
  5. OMG, that is scary! We use JIF, but I will spread the news to my friends.
  6. Here's a photo of mine for reference, see the lot # on top beginning w/ 2111. . . .
  7. Oh my! Thanks so much for posting!
  8. I have it and it's already half gone too :wtf:
  9. Maybe those of you who have and its half gone should check in with your Dr.'s, just in case....That is pretty scary stuff.
  10. we rarely eat PB, although mine's half empty, we haven't touched it in about a month, I think we're safe.
  11. Wow -- thanks for the heads-up, Amanda, glad you and your family didn't get sick!

    By the way, your daughter looks so much like you!!! Both gorgeous!
  12. My son goes to peanut-free school.... So, we don't PB. But it's scary!!!!! Btw Swanky, your DD looks soooo pretty!:heart:
  13. Thank you so much. That's my son's favourite kind of Peanut butter.
  14. :love: thanks guys! I LOVE my litle girl!

    My MIL just e-mailed me and reminded me that both my twin boys were vomiting last month. . . neither of them goes to a Mother's Day Out or anything, so they're rarely exposed to germs. . . I wonder if they had eaten it recently?:cry:
  15. Yuck! The article says "Great Value" peanut butter is also recalled. Isn't that the store brand wal-mart sells? I'm not sure but that brand sounds familiar too.