PSA RE: SA Joseph originally from SAks NYC

  1. He's no longer with Saks and has moved over to Bergdorf. His cellphone # is still the same, but the old s5a email address is no longer valid.
  2. omg wow--i guess im surprised since i just spoke with him last Thursday and didnt even realize he was leaving Saks.

    Hes always so sweet and amazing at locating bags and wraps things up so nicely when he ships to me too!!
  3. i just called him today and didn't realize about it.
  4. oh no! How am I to get my Chanel!!!
  5. yap!! that's right, i called in this morining looking fro him, but the other SA told me that he is not working there anymore. so i post a message to foxycleopatra about this..... and i guess i scared a little bit foxy tthaought something happened to joseph.
  6. I just ordered from him a few days ago!! I had no idea, he is soo nice!
  7. Oh that stinks. I was going to do a pre-sell with him for the EGC Event. I wish he had told me about this the last time I spoke with him.

    Thanks for letting us know takeoutbox!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  8. Really? You mean the Joseph with glasses on?? What happend, is he in BG now for sure??He is so nice, I was planning to buy a bag from him for next EGC. And yes, thank you for letting us know takeoutbox!
  9. thanks for letting us know!
  10. I called today looking for Joseph and Alexandria said, "Sorry doesn't work here anymore". Is he with BG at Chanel?
  11. AW MAN! Does anyone know which address I would use to send him stuff for Bergdorf? I've been totally procrastinating on sending him his 'thank you' gift!
  12. if and when i get his updated contact info, i will definitely post it here. but yes, he is definitely w/ bergdorf, working at the chanel boutique. when i spoke to him yesterday, he was in 'training" so he may not be officially on the floor yet.
  13. I will be glad to know a reputable SA's contact info from BG. Since Saskia left, there are new faces, I am not fully sure how good they are when talking about tracking down things.

    Since BG NY is the one-and-only BG, we will not need to track anything down like boutiques and other Dep.stores right? Since all they have are right there in the stock. Items will not pop up somewhere else since there is no other BG. That is what I believe for now. Correct me if I am wrong :smile:
  14. I was there Saturday, didn't see him. I miss Saskia, she was sweet.
  15. In their announcement, Saskia was promoted. Hope she is doing well!