PSA: Price increase in Hong Kong

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  1. ... this is the second PSA after the one from Canada:smile:; I was in a rush last night when on my way to meet gfriend for dinner, managed to pop into Chanel B at Lee Gardens, prices for Paris Biarritz ligne have gone up by about a thousand HK$, around USD120-130 more... prices for Timeless clutches (caviar/lamb/satin) are still the same, no increase (yet?)

    HK members, you might want to add on this thread if you have new info on price increase...:sad:
  2. ok. what does PSA mean?
  3. Yes, HK pfers pls do so, i am travel to HK end of the year and hope to get one Chanel then
  4. oh noooo...!! I am going to HK next week!! Any HK tPFers please confirm the price increase about other ligne (beside PB) *crossing fingers*
  5. PSA: Public Service Announcement....:p usually released by government authority...
  6. oh nooooooooooooo!!! I might be going to HK next month..If the increase will be like 20-22% like what i read here that would be too much..NOOOOOOO!!!
  7. planning on a trip to HK by the end of the month...tPFers from HK please enlighten us - has chanel increased their prices already?:sad:

    i'm particularly interested in the current price of the jumbo caviar flap. :graucho:

  8. I've just bought a jumbo classic flap in black cavier at the Chanel shop in Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong Incontinental Hotel. The price is HK$17,900 (US$2290). The SA in the shop told me that they have already increase the price for twice in this year for caviar flap. Don't know whether there will still be another price increase.

    I've been struggling for a while whether I should buy the bag because I originally look for a reissue rather than the classic flap. But then unexpected there is one jumbo flap in the shop, with silver hardware. So I just grap it , fear that the price might increase later and by the way, friends in the US, jumbo flap is also very difficult to buy in HK. They only have so few stocks.
  9. Congrats for ur new purchase!! B, you must show us your Chanel family potrait pics!! ;)

    I think the price for jumbo you bought hasn't increased, since in US the price for jumbo is $2250. :p

  10. congrats shopgirl bb!!hope you don't mind me asking did you see other colors of flap there? it is true that large size(one size smaller than jumbo)is also hard to find in HK too? I just got my black large flap with gold and it ws one of the last two all over HK and all large black with silver are out of stock?
  11. oh noo.. I'm going to HK next month and i want to get my very first chanel there..

  12. thanks for the info, i didnt know jumbo is in such high demand in hk. congrates on your new purchase.
  13. A week ago when I got my east west at its TST store I was told they have already had a price increase earlier this year (Spring) so the SA said so far she's not informed that there'll be another price increase...
  14. Hi Ladies, here's an update, just spoke with my SA at Prince Building boutique, confirm price increase for all Classics on 1 Nov, it will be at least 10%...

    Another SA from the Peninsula Hotel told me the price increase will be in Nov too...
  15. omg... thanks for your update!