Psa: Price Increase In Canada

  1. Not Sure If It's Being Posted
    But The Prices Have Gone Up On All Classic Pieces In Canada, Including Jewellery And Shoes. However, The Chanel Boutique ( At Least The One On Bloor Street) Will Continue To Hounor Old Prices Til Tomorrow (oct. 6th). On Tuesday (monday Is Thanksgiving),all New Prices Will Be Effective, The System Is Actually Already Showing All New Prices. If You Go To Bloor St. And Shop, U Can Ask For Emiko, She Is Great. Good Luck
  2. omg! serious? so early! i have to get my jumbo i have to get her before NOV!! this is so..... omg *goes into a frenzy* :sad:
  3. What are the prices increasing to?
  4. I second that! I spoke with an SA today who told me the same thing - I asked about the Timeless Clutch and her exact words were 'if you can get it in the states at $995, get it now, bec. prices will start increasing next week.' :sad:

    why so soon? I thought the expected increase date was Nov. 1?
  5. sorry - double post!
  6. Thanks. I guess I'm done till next spring.
  7. thx for the info!
    thank god i bought my gst already!
    maybe i will by a chanel bag in nyc this weekend :smile:
  8. aughh! serious!? that means the price increase, coupled with the value of the Cdn dollar, is extra incentive to not buy Chanel bags in Canada...:shrugs:...

    thanks for letting us know!

    maybe i'll be able to book another trip to NYC soon....
  9. ^^ Exactly.
  10. Darn it...

    I wonder if I can buy the beige GST with gold hardware now, and exchange it for the black later so I can get it for the old price? :confused1: I'll have to ask my SA tomorrow!
    this really wakes me up .... my bf was supposed to buy me a medallion.. i gave him a card with all the info on it... he said he would this weekend.. but now i dont know if the boutique here would honor the old price ... =(
    OH well i can still order one from the states i guess? i have almost 3 weeks! yeep
  12. It's so unfair that we end up paying more now that our dollar is so strong! There shouldn't be a price increase here... at least not as high of an increase as in the US. :sad: :tdown:
  13. The GST is now $2175 :crybaby::tdown:

    The new price for the GST in the US is $2125 so you do end up paying about $50 more in Canada...(well before taxes, after tax, a LOT more)

    But...from $1825 to $2175 :cursing: I don't know how long my Chanel addiction can last if prices keep going up like this. I imagine in 2008 I'll try to get everything that I want in terms of classic and I'll have to stop.

    My SA is very nice and said if I go buy the GST today they could *maybe* still honor the old price for me just because I've been looking at the same bag for a couple of weeks, and the reason why I couldn't get one is because there are none available in Canada. They can't honor the old price any more if I buy one next week since this is a big exception however if I buy one today it would be the only one (a beige one) they have in stock and so I asked if I could buy the beige one and exchange it for the black later. She has to ask...the SA she's asking will be at work in about an hour...omg I can't believe it...I want one and couldn't get one because of no stock, and I may have to end up paying $350 more...that is ridiculous...
  14. paying 20% more sucks!! :cursing:

    hopefully, you can get the GST with old price, karman.*crossing fingers here* x^_^x

    i thought the official price increase will be at november 1st... :confused1:

    why..ohh, why.....??? :crybaby::crybaby:
  15. can someone confim the current and the new price of the medallion tote? tks