PSA: Please enjoy & use your bags

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  1. So it's late and I'm beyond tired (very long, long day), but I just wanted to say, as I'm often wont to say here on tpf, to please please use and enjoy your bags. Coco would have wanted you to; she used hers completely (see photo below). I use my bags and love them, I take them to the beach (flap bags, and now I have a new tote just for the beach, and no, it wasn't made to be a beach bag, but that's what I immediately thought of when I saw it, so it shall be one), I use them for errands, the market, you name it. They don't get to sit unused. I'm also well know for hanging them on doorknobs and handles, as well as hanging from chairs. I put them on the ground. I don't sit them on chairs in restaurants. All that said, my bags still look great. When I showed my most abused, I mean used, Chanel bag to my old SA, he couldn't believe it was the same bag we'd talked about. They really are designed well to last and take the use. Yes, even lambskin, since most of mine are lambskin (all but a few). So please, don't baby them, don't only take them out to look at them. Cut the tags off and use them. You'll get so much joy from them.

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  2. I love that you use and enjoy all your bags! It must feel so liberating not to be stuck worrying about the wear and tear and the bag no longer looking, feeling, smelling "new."

    As we speak, I have 3 jumbos that remain unused with tags attached, safely tucked away. I keep waiting for the "right time" "right occasion" "right mood" before taking them on their maiden voyage. I have to admit it stinks being stuck in this mindset of wanting them to stay fresh & new. :hrmm:
  3. I'm not sure if you read any of my posts when I came back after going through my mom's stuff this past fall. She had so many shoes, bags, clothes, etc. it was so agonizing going through them all, and far too many were new in box, new with tags, or in packages. She was saving them for some unknown occasion. I've been guilty of that in the past with towels and sheets (same as her). That opened my eyes even more to not saving anything for some unknown date in the future and to use everything now. I also resolved not to have more than 50 items of clothing; she had so many closets full of clothing and it was harder than I want to think about going through them all. Even the worn ones looked like new, and she even dry cleaned nightgowns (who does that?). Broke my heart and I cried for weeks and weeks going through all those. I still have more to go back and go through. She passed suddenly and unexpectedly before her time, so we just never know. So enjoy and please cut those tags. Take one for a stroll in the woods and find a nice leaf to save, or to a farmer's market or anywhere. Make memories instead of ornaments. Smile when you think of using them. Use all the pockets. Don't be afraid to put your keys inside without a key holder (gasp). When on vacation, take them to the beach for a stroll and find a great seashell. It's so very freeing.
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  4. True. I have seen my parents guilty of the same thing. Always saving for that special time that never came. I would rather my kids see me using the things I love so they can remember the times I used them. :smile: make memories. I totally agree!
  5. Thanks so much for your advice, Tutushopper! I totally agree with with you on using all your bags fullest potential. When I first got my bag, i looked so scared using it... I must look so awkward in the crowd clutching my bags for dear life... Not carrying it at all... After 2 years, I'm happy I'm comfortable using my bags not to only normal errends but to cat shows and i even put it in my cats tent when I need safekeeping with my meowing babies in it... Oh well, my bags have had a scratch or two and a couple of nips.. But then again... Come on life goes on... A scratch or scruff will happen so might just use it anyway ;) rock your chanels ladies, you deserve it ;)
  6. I am the opposite to most… I cannot wait to use my new things, bags, shoes, accessories, towels or sheets, even kitchen stuff… I literally burst at the seems.. At the moment I am dying to debut my CL boots but it is still summer here so just a few more months:smile:

    Sometimes I wish I could use my bags all at once :lol: wouldn't that look hysterical.. I hate them sitting there in their little dust bags as they wait their turn to be played with.

    Its funny that people are constricted by their own rules, like seasonal outings, no white after labour day (i think, I'm not American). This is so silly to me.. I don't care if its raining outside I will use my Damier Azur, and I will use my black Chanel wallet in the summer. So I totally agree with Tutushopper, Throw caution to the wind ladies and live to enjoy life.
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    Dear Tutu!
    You are a great inspiration and the best example for all of us. I can't imagine how many times you have given the same advice here about "lambskin" just with in this past year. I just want to say I truly appreciate your input/advice and being a great member of Chanel purse forum. :smile: Thank you for taking the time to write and encouraging us to use our bags!
    2nd note: This thread should be on reference library :smile:
  8. I couldn't agree more! I actually prefer when my bags break in a bit, they begin to feel more like "mine", if that makes sense. I have a metallic WOC that I've used so much, it is so broken in, the metallic coating has worn in and faded in an awesome way and now it kind of looks vintage. Well, if not vintage it definitely doesn't look brand new. It is amazing because it is still a gorgeous Chanel, obviously loved, not fussy at all and it is a beautiful thing.
  9. Awesome advice. Will use them.
  10. Hahaha I adore this post. I know my mom is one of those who will squirrel away an expensive purse that will never see the light of day except for the once-in-a-blue-moon big wedding or other equivalent event.

    It's true, we all work hard to earn enough to buy the things we want in life, not to mention the painstaking process we go through to select that perfect one. It makes perfect sense to get the most joy and use out of it!
  11. I tend to be one of those people who "save " things for a special occasion, but really what am I waiting for?! ....I brought my WOC in August last year and I've not used it yet! Crazy. It's not just bags, I do it with clothes as well. And new special clothes for my kids - still hanging in the wardrobe waiting to be worn...they've even out grown some of them. I do use my GST - but only when I go out for dinner with my husband, then it's packed away again. I need to change my way of thinking. I've always "saved" things....but what you said Tutushopper made me think, so thank you for that. :smile:
  12. Thank you for the heartfelt reminder and the picture of Coco's well loved beautiful bag! My mom loved to tuck things away too! I'm also guilty of the same practice, not so much with my bags which I do enjoy using but I need to include more in my daily rotations. There are definitely some bags I have not used so I need to just bust them out. Mostly my problem is with "treasured" jewelry pieces that are kept in the safe deposit box. I got this habit from my parents too of course. It's silly to keep them stowed away and not see the light of day-like ever-when they are meant to be used and admired by me. I need to make a trip to the bank!
  13. I love this photo - a loved bag with the true meaning of the word.
  14. tutushopper, VERY well said. I agree completely, especially about the 50 pieces of clothing part. I have a little less than that in my closet right now, and it's the perfect amount. It helps when you wear a uniform to work of course, but I've learned that I am a simple gal. I like to save my money and spend it on a few nice things that I know I will wear alot, otherwise what's the point of having something sit in your closet? That's a waste of money.

    I just bought my first Chanel this past November, and because of your post I am going to start using her more. I'm going to hang her on a chair instead of putting her in the box. The picture of Coco's bag also inspired me. I love that she used her bag alot; it really gives it character. How much do we pay for Chanel bags??? We better get our use out of them...

  15. Tutushopper, your thoughtful posts on this topic are just lovely. Thank you for sharing your story with this community. We all benefit!