PSA: Nordies in Chandler, AZ has a tan med Betty for $510.

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  1. I just returned my betty today to the store since I was in town. I had many offers for it on here and I apologize but I know at this time it would take me a while before I could pack it up and go to the Post office to ship it so I would just rather send it back to the store and so anyone whos interested can call Nordies and have it shipped to you directly.

    I got it through a PM for $511 so hopefully that's what they'll sell it for since that particular store does not carry Chloe and I dont think they'll know the true value of the bag. Good luck to everyone who's looking for it.
  2. Man, I called right when they opened and they said they didn't have it. Somebody must've snapped that baby up quick.
  3. No they said it was sent to the East Coast stores since they didn't carry Chloe. I called before they were even open. Said it was packed last night.
  4. Those little poopy heads packed her up quickly. Oh well! I will be on these bags if they go on sale in the winter again. *crosses fingers*
  5. I just assumed an SA bought it for themselves. Oh well.
  6. I called as well and the SA said they were not allowed to handle the high end bags, ie Chloe so the one they got in was forced into a store that was set up to sell them.
  7. Sorry ladies. I tried.Thats weird that they wouldnt sell them. I called tonight to see if one of the PF members snatched it up but the SA told me the same thing...that it was shipped out because they're not able to handle high end bags.