PSA HH In-store NYC sample sale

  1. Hayden-Harnett "Summer of Love" Sample Sale

    Date(s): 8/22-8/25

    The Summer of Love is back in full force, so show your support at this charity sample sale! From 12:30-7:30pm on August 22-25, snag chic handbags, belts, apparel, and outerwear from Brooklyn-based designer Hayden-Harnett at 50-80% off. The best part about the event: 20% of all sales proceeds go to benefit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

    The Hayden-Harnett Sample Sale is located at: 65 Bleecker Street, between Broadway and Lafayette, New York, 212.358.0255
  2. road trip anyone?? :smile:
  3. I'm game! :party:

    I just joined the boards and missed the hoopla from last weekend, boohoo
  4. I want to go!!!!
  5. I wish I lived in NYC! I'll die if they have the Suki for 50% off. I wonder if they'll take phone orders?
  6. I emailed CS about that - I'm not sure that the person who responded fully understood me, b/c she didn't answer my question in the least ;) She did mention that another online sample sale will come around the holidays!

    Way too long from now...
  7. I totally want to go to this. No way is my hubby going to drive me all that way to buy more bags. Online sample sale round the holidays it is...sigh...
    I just don't want them to sell out of Ibizas!
  8. Take me! be in the middle of all of those gorgeous bag, the aroma of leather...if only. I'm going to Cape Cod MA but will be too late for the sale, sadly. It would sure be a day trip that my friend just would not understand.
  9. Damn you New Englanderrrrrsssss!!!
  10. maybe someone should organize a pf meeting in HH? LOL! I'd go! I love their stuff!
  11. I'm in! :tup:
  12. I just got this reply from Salina:

    I am sorry, but we will not be taking orders over the phone however; we are going to have a rather large labor day sale and we are also going to have our on-line sale before the holidays.
  13. "rather large Labor Day sale?"

    thanks for your investigative work, Mama! i need another HH bag like a hole in the head, but i have a feeling that won't stop me!
  14. lol J.. me either!!
  15. Oh WOW! HH won't know what has hit them! I would soo love to be there. What a great idea!