PSA - Don't do it! You look silly!

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  1. I posted about my little shopping excursion yesterday, but one of my favorite parts of shopping is really peope watching.

    I feel the compulsive need to give some advice:
    DO NOT wear high heels if they make you limp!:idea:

    This sounds like common knowledge to me, but after what I saw yesterday, apparently it's not.

    Don't Ladies realize that their "sexy" heels aren't so sexy when it makes them drag their feet or actually limp to one side because the shoes are CLEARLY killing them?!

    I saw one beautiful woman after another and even young, high school girls at a very upscale mall yesterday hobbling around, I could barely eat my Chik-Fil-A!:lol: :lol: :lol:

    I'm not picking on Ladies that wear heels, I saw some that were really good at sucking up the pain or were smart enough to only wear comfy heels - they looked fab!:biggrin:
    It's the ones that think no one notices the limp and pained looks on their faces as they trapse through the mall.:wacko:

    End of my PSA.;)
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  2. Next time you are at the airport check out the faces of the women traveling in heels. They are practically falling over while carrying and pulling their totes and luggage. Always wear sneakers when in the airport and then switch into heels once you are done traveling.
  3. It's really just SO wrong! LOL!
  4. i can never understand why women wear heels that obviously make them want to kill themselves with a spoon when doing something utilitarian like shopping or travelling, particularly when there are so many beautiful flats out there. i totally don't buy in to the theory that you have to wear heels to look chic.
  5. Who would have thought, heels weren't made for shopping in? ;)

    I love people watching at the mall. I went last xmas and OMG this girl had a shirt on that said "Hottie", but she had a thick black mustache. I think I puked a little in my mouth when I saw that. I saw a girl just last week, probably no older than 14 with a mini skirt SO short, her butt cheeks were litterally hanging out the bottom.
  6. What bugs me even more is ladies who wear heels who don't know HOW to wear heals, KWIM? I see all these women in the afternoons picking their kids up at our Elementary school, and they are literally tottering on these heels that they have no idea how to walk in! They look like my 5-year-old playing dress up!

    So, my feeling is, don't wear heels unless you can walk in them! LOL
  7. Gaah, that's horrible! I lovee people watching, but sometimes I get thinking that probably when Im shopping other people look at me too and criticize my looks! And I bet that the girl with mustache didn't think her whiskers were that bad or maybe she hadn't even noticed them! So maybe I have a huge beard and I just have NOT noticed! GAAH, NOW IM ALL PARANOID!! =O ... whiuuh calmed down. :smile:
  8. Here in New York, in the winter, we have women shopping in grocery stores in fur coats and sneakers YUK !!!!
  9. This is why I love wedges!!!! So much easier to walk in! But I agree, they need to be comfortable!

    At the airport, I bring flip flops if traveling on business. Then I'll switch later! Flip flops are easy to put in my carry on!
  10. people who wear furs here always get strange looks. Furs aren't too common here I guess because it doesn't get THAT cold. But yeah, fur coat with sneakers would look kind of funny.
  11. Yah, i totally agree. I only wear heels when i know that i wont be walking a lot. Especially when travelling, i'd never wear heels at the airport. That's just crazy. :P
  12. me at the airport = sweat pants, tee shirt, hoodie for the plane, flip flops or sneakers if it's cold, and a pony tail. I'm all about comfort.
  13. Maybe the girls that you see walking around limping in heels watch too much Sex and the City and assume you can walk all around town like Carrie with heels on pretty much effortlessly! Wrong assumption! I know that and Ive only been wearing heels for a good two months now...
  14. heels can get uncomfortable fast, especially if you will suffer for fashion, but you never wear them beyond the dinner table and your work desk. I hate breaking out the seasonal heels because they are so painful the first couple times.
  15. same here! the Atlanta airport is the busiest in the world, and the walk to your gate sometimes takes 10-15 minutes (at least) after you get out of security (which is sometimes a half-hour process in and of itself), so comfort as paramount, particularly for shoes. i also never wear anything but flip flops to the airport because they make everyone take their shoes off to go through security (i don't know if they do this at every airport now) and i'm not about to stop, sit on the floor, and retie or rebuckle my shoes afterwards. and then you have to sit for god knows how long, first at the gate and then on the plane, so if it doesn't have an elastic waist, then it's not on my body in the airport.

    we don't get to many ladies in fur coats in Atlanta, fur is kind of ridiculous here for the 4 days out of the year that you can wear it.