PSA: Do not Buy Counterfeit Makeup!!!

  1. Just thought that I would make you all aware, because sometimes we think that we are getting a great deal, BUT.....

    INSIDE EDITION Investigates Counterfeit Makeup

    Designer makeup doesn't come cheap, and it's only available at leading department stores, or boutiques. It's a luxury many women just can't afford.

    So, how was INSIDE EDITION able to purchase what looked like brand-name products for only $10?

    We bought it from a guy on the street. INSIDE EDITION's undercover cameras found he and other vendors selling what looked like the hottest makeup trends.

    "This is Lady Gaga mascara and eye liner," one vendor said to our undercover producer, showing her what appeared to be some M·A·C Cosmetics.

    "Oh, wow. How much is this?" Our producer asked the vendor.

    "Ten," he said.

    That price is just a fraction of what you'd pay at a department store. M·A·C eye shadow can cost $200. But, on the street, we bought it for only $10.

    "Basically, we're getting the surplus [makeup]," another vendor told our undercover producer.

    The vendors assured us that the makeup was the real deal.

    "Is it real?" INSIDE EDITION asked one of the vendors?

    "Yeah," replied the vendor.

    But, we know something most shoppers do not.

    The makeup they sold to INSIDE EDITION is counterfeit and potentially dangerous.

    When you buy your makeup from a department store, you can trust the products are legitimate, and more importantly – safe to use on your skin.

    But, we've learned that the cheap counterfeits can contain harmful ingredients that may put you at risk for serious infection, even permanent scarring.

    On the surface, the packaging for the counterfeit M·A·C, Lancôme and Chanel products appeared to be identical. So, you would think that it was the real thing.

    But, what's really in the counterfeit makeup? To find out, INSIDE EDITION had it tested at Upstate Labs near Syracuse, New York.

    The results were frightening. Tests found high levels of aluminum, which has been linked to Alzheimer's disease. Five of the counterfeit products tested positive for the metal Beryllium, a known carcinogen. What was more concerning; there were dangerously high levels of lead in seven of the counterfeit products, including two bogus M·A·C eye shadows.

    A counterfeit Chanel eye shadow turned out to be loaded with potentially dangerous bacteria.

    "The amount of bacteria you found in this counterfeit makeup was disgusting," Dermatologist Dr. Robert Buka told INSIDE EDITION.

    He said fake makeup can lead to infections, burning and disfigurement.

    Dr. Buka said one of his patients developed an infection after using a counterfeit M·A·C product, leaving her scarred for life.

    "I see about two to three cases of counterfeit makeup dermatitis in my practice every month," he said.

    INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville went back to that vendor who sold us the counterfeit makeup.

    "Did you know you were selling counterfeit makeup?" Norville asked the makeup vendor.

    "Not at the moment." He said. "I know now."

    "A number of the makeup items you were selling were contaminated with lead," Norville told the vendor. "Were you aware of that?"

    "I am now." He responded.

    "Does that concern you?" Norville asked him.

    "Yes, it does." The vendor admitted.

    He became a little more defensive when Norville questioned him more about the counterfeit products he was selling.

    "Why are you questioning me on everything?" The vendor asked irately.

    "Why am I questioning you?" Norville replied. "Because you're out here selling this stuff, people are going to buy it, they assume it's safe. And, we found it's not safe."

    "Are you going to keep selling the counterfeit makeup?" Norville asked.

    "Maybe, maybe not," the makeup vendor replied.

    The manufacturers of the legitimate makeup confirmed to us the products INSIDE EDITION bought are counterfeit, adding their cosmetics would never be sold on the street.
  2. is this a typo? has to be.

    I don't understand why, with all of the discounts, deals and specials, people resort to buying fake cosmetics. Of all things fake, cosmetics. Something that you put on your face and could be dangerous because you don't know what's in it.

    Risk loosing your eyesight or having some skin irritation, rather than going to a department store or reputable seller.
  3. I thought that it was a typo too, because I have only paid $20 for MAC eyeshadow. I don't know why anyone would purchase fake cosmetics! We already have to be weary about the ingredients in the real cosmetics, but why would anyone purchase cosmetics off the street. I also heard that they are selling this same counterfeit stuff on eBay too.
  4. If I can't afford a product, usually something similar will eventually pop up on Hautelook. I have more Lorac and Pixi and Pop than I know what to do with now, and for barely over the price of drugstore stuff. I really wanted the Urban Decay Naked2 palette, but $50 was too much for me. Then just this week the Nude'Tude palette by The Balm showed up for only $18! You just have to be patient.

    There's honestly a lot of really scary stuff in "regulated" cosmetics too, the biggest thing that freaks me out about counterfeits is the cleanliness of the facilities.
  5. Ewww! Why would anyone buy makeup off a random guy on the street? To answer my own silly question, I think there are actually people out there that believe it is real. So sad and dangerous.
  6. How do they counterfeit all that packaging? :confused1: I mean, Chanel, etc. packaging is unique. Amazing.
  7. Still amazes me that people are willing to put that stuff on their face. It's one thing to buy a fake bag, but putting potentially dangerous stuff around your eyes is really bad. Anyway, 99.9% of the time, people on the street won't look at you and think "oh my god she's wearing MAC foundation!". Makeup is definitely one of those things where if you can't afford the real thing, then you shouldn't buy it, especially when there are perfectly fine cheaper brands. It would be so humiliating to get an infection from a 'MAC' eyeshadow you had been flaunting.
  8. There are perfectly fine drug store brands that one can use if you can't afford drug store makeup. This is why I am weary if buying makeup off of eBay as well. It's a scary world out there.
  9. There are people who get silicone breast and buttock injections in some woman's sketchy living room, on her table, so, I can imagine these street vendors have plenty of fools who will buy their "cosmetics."
  10. I took a licensing course in college and although we didn't discuss counterfeit makeup, we did discuss counterfeit fragrance. I don't know how many of you are familiar with Canal Street in NYC but there are many vendors that sell perfume at a discount, much of it counterfeit and my professor told us (and this was confirmed by an article that came out around the same time) that some of the unregulated ingredients in faux fragrance include cat urine, and sometimes people urine. So really it's not good to purchase counterfeit cosmetic items across the board. While I was taking this class there was a HUGE bust in the downtown NYC area where over a million dollars worth of counterfeit items were seized and fragrance was being made in bathtubs with the offending ingredients I mentioned.
  11. I think a lot of people truly believe they are merely bargain shopping, and don't realize what they are funding and what type of garbage they are putting on their skin.
  12. :wtf::throwup:

    Gross but interesting to know. Holy cow. I agree with I:heart:Handbags, I think the people that buy that stuff think they're getting a bargain, otherwise surely they'd just buy cheap stuff from the drug store that's perfectly good.
  13. I hope that people know that anything counterfeit is illegal!
    there are many horrible things about counterfeit items!!!
  14. I agree. The sad part is people think it's real, and they're getting a discount.
  15. ^^Totally agree. I hope people see that it's just not worth the pain and trouble.