PS3 or Wii - Which system is better?

  1. Between the PS3 and Wii, which is better? Advantages and Disadvantages of both please. ;)
  2. Wii is way better than PS3. Not just for the unique playing factor. But my son works in the electronics department at a store, and he said the PS3 crashes 3 -4 times every shift, oveheating problems and tons of bugs.
  3. Have the Wii, plan on getting the PS3 (at least for my sister)

    I'd say the Wii is more of a family console. Since I'm not a hardcore gamer like my sister the PS3 does not appeal to me, I just got the PS2 and only because the next Tomb raider is going to be for that console and I'm a big TR fan!
  4. Don't know anything about the PS3 but my son's Wii is already sitting in the corner collecting dust (it was fun though in the first couple of days!).
  5. I have the Wii and BF has the PS3.

    Between the two, my vote is for the wii. The PS3 is definitely NOT worth the $600, even with the blu-ray player. The wii is just perfect, great price, very interactive, and a variety of games. there's a reason the wiis are still hard to find and the ps3s are so easily attainable :yes:
  6. I love love love love love my wii.
    Hell it's even gotten me off tPF for longer than 4 hours and sleep. :lol:

    It's so playable and Nintendo has been great making party games. I don't care if you're 14 or 40, getting a bunch of people together to play in silly games is a fun night.

    Super Monkey Ball and Wii Sports are great games :biggrin:... and the new Sims release for the Wii looks so fun!
  7. To be honest, now you buy game consoles for the games they have that other consoles don't :yes:

    The Wii's appeal wears off IMO, that's the only negative. Though I definitely think it's more fun! It's interactivity is a plus, and more for kids (or kids at heart!). It has a TON of games out!

    The PS3's pros are the graphics. Errr, that's it so far. DH isn't playing with his these days bec there aren't many games out yet. That's a con. He is patiently waiting for Gran Turismo 5 and Formula 1 to come out. They're exclusive to Sony ;)
  8. I LOVE wii! Its really fun & I get my excercise in!
  9. My DH has both. I like the Wii better but I am not a gamer by no means. When I asked him (DH) which was better he said, "In terms of what?" I guess it's apples and oranges.
  10. I don't have the PS3. But from people close to me, I have heard that the PS3 always have troubles, like it overheats a lot, and really fast!
    My bro has the Wii, and he loves it! I like it too!
  11. I got my DH a Wii for Christmas and he loves it. I am not a gamer but I am getting addicted to Wii.

    It's so much fun and so physical. You can really break a sweat playing tennis. Highly recommend it!:yes:
  12. ^^ I'm with Siri on this one! The Wii was an instant hit for my BF...I surprised him and got it for Xmas....I am not a computer game person at all, but have been obsessed with the Baseball and Tennis games, which are very addictive!!:amuse:
  13. My son's 2 friends got the Wii for Christmas and my son said he has never had as much fun with a game system then the Wii. He wants one now but they are hard to find so I will have to order one online for him for his birthday. He said he would rather have the Wii than anything else out there.
  14. I play videogames a lot. I have a Wii, and both my BF and I love it. I still plan to get a PS3, but I am waiting for Sony to work out some of their hardware problems and lower the price and for some better games to come out. If you can only get one system now, get the Wii. You can always get the PS3 later.
  15. We have both too... and Wii is so much fun - I like it way better than PS3.

    <-- As you can see in my avatar I have lots of fun! I made a person for everyone in my family =)