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  1. I stumbled across this image of the PS13 in the new November US Vogue.
    Here's a scan of the page:

  2. Yes!!!

    That's the one but in taupe please!!!
  3. Finally a pic of the elusive PS13!! :nuts: I'd also like to see this in regular leather.
  4. Me too ^^
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    Hmm nice enough but the shape is not very exciting or unique.
  6. I love it!

    But will be out of my price range I guess!
  7. :loveeyes: i love it!! yes i want to see in regular leather too!
  8. I want to see this in regular leather too! It's hard to see the details otherwise. I think I like the strap, it's wider than that of the PS1 satchel.
  9. this def looks like a bag i would want!!!
    love the big strap!!!
  10. Wow! Nice find!

    I'm going to have to think about this style a little bit. It's not one that has me grabbed instantly. I definitely would want to see it in leather.
  11. The inkblot design is distracting, can't see the construction and design of the bag. I hope they show it in leather.
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    victoria traina (who is working at PS) was carrying this bag around at paris fashion week and i wondered what it was...
    here is a pic of hers...


    the python one is $6550, i wonder what the retail on this will be, maybe in between the ps1 and the ps11...
  13. Thanks for scanning and sharing! I like it. The python at first glance looks kind of busy. The only thing that would get me is the zip... I like the closures to be er, seamless (does that make sense?) As in, integrated into the bags design. Not hanging over all strappy.
  14. gorgeous. i have instant lust for this bag
  15. Simply gorgeous. I always thought my next PS purchase would be the PS11, but this is now a strong contender. I'll wait a bit to see if there are any quality control issues though.