1. Is this the new PS13 on NET-A-PORTER ? :smile: it's a new style and looks really nice :heart:

    Leather and Woven
    Kiri-leather1.jpg Kiri-woven1.jpg
  2. Really? Reminds me of Celine Lugagge tote....
  3. I was just going to start a new thread on this bag and you beat me to the punch Elliespurse!

    I actually thought the PS13 was the clutch you see the models holding in the resort 2013 collection.


    Anyway, what do you ladies think of the structured look?
  4. ^^The bag in the first post is the Kiri from the Fall 2012 runway collection. Proenza posted on their Instagram that the bag in post #3 is called the lunch bag. :smile:
  5. Ah, good to know. I love the Kiri and I'm looking forward to seeing more views of the new bags, including the PS 13!
  6. Pretty! But i dont know why the first thought that came to my mind was Kate Spade. Nonetheless this bowling bag look is nice!:smile:
  7. gorgeous Kiri bag! i am debating the black one!!
  8. There's a short feature on the PS13 with a picture of it in python on the very last page of the brand-new November Vogue.
  9. I'm hoping they sell the detachable pouch separately and in all colors they have made esp neon ones.. :p
  10. Though the same thing. I guess it looks like another robot bag to me like the's got the eyes and the zipper as a mouth.
  11. This is the new PS 13. Pics from proenza schouler website
    image-2812850216.jpg image-2463898393.jpg image-4253417475.jpg image-513894602.jpg
  12. Does anyone know if PS will be releasing the PS13 in any colors other than the black an white?

    I'd love this bag in a bright blue or purple! TIA ;)