PS1 Tote Reveal

  1. So I haven't posted on PF in FOREVER but recently I was looking into purchasing a PS1 Tote and had so much trouble finding modeling shots of the bag and no one in my area really carries PS so I couldn't go try it on.

    So here are so shots of my new PS1 Tote in Orchid that I got (at an amazing sale price) for those who like me wanted to know more about this bag.
    L1001040 copy.jpg L1001042.JPG L1001045.JPG
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  2. i am really warming up to the tote and have been eyeing it in black myself!

    this one looks amazing on you and yup, i do love me some orchid!
  3. Beautiful color! The bag sits in just the right spot when you wear it cross-body. Congrats!
  4. Thanks!!! I'm really glad I got this and for an amazing price too! I haven't used her yet but I'm very happy with this new addition to my family. :yahoo:
  5. It's gorgeous in this color! :heart: Congrats and you got it for amazing price too!?
  6. I didn't even know this tote existed (only the PS11 tote). Congrats! It looks amazing on you and on sale to boot! :smile:
  7. Congratulations on your steal! It fits you perfectly. Thanks for sharing, I've been wanting to see photos of this style since it came out. Lovely lovely.
  8. Nice.
  9. Gorgeous! I can't decide between orchid or raspberry for my next PS. This just put a +1 in the orchid box!
  10. Looks amazing! Especially in that color. May I ask how much you got it for?
  11. Gorgeous! The color and the shape both look great on you.
  12. looks fantastic!
    Are you still happy with it? Did it "slouch" a lot in the meantime?