PS1 tiny or medium?

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  1. I want to purchase my first PS1 bag but cannot decide between the size tiny or medium - does anyone have any size comparison pics? (p.s. I am 5 ft)
  2. I'm having the same dilemma! I think it depends on how many things you normally put in your bag? And whether you like to carry a smaller bag? Sorry.. I'm no help!
  3. It really depends on what you need to fit in it. I'm also 5ft and I have the PS1 in tiny, medium, and large and I find that I use large the most often.
  4. I have the pouch, tiny, medium and large...tiny is my fave :smile:
  5. I say medium since you'll probably get more use out of it.
  6. medium
  7. I prefer M size
  8. I prefer the proportions of the medium
  9. I'm sooo in love with my PS1 medium - I carry it everywhere! It is not a huge bag, but it fits what I need; water bottle, sunnies, keys (mine are really big), small umbrella, wallet, phone, calendar, makeup bag and so on.
    I haven't actually seen a Tiny IRL, but I think it must be quite small? The PS1 isn't a very wide bag, so that's where the problem might be if you choose the Tiny.

    It all depends on how much you usually bring with you and how you plan to use it.

    Good luck finding the one you love :smile:
  10. Medium or Tiny?
    I think you need one of each since they serve different purposes. The medium is a perfect everyday bag - it holds a lot. The tiny is a crossbody bag that holds more than most small bags but not as much as the medium. I have a medium in smoke and now I'm buying a tiny, just can't decide what color.
  11. The tiny holds a long wallet with room for a small cosmetic bag and keys. It holds more than most tiny bags, that's what I like about it.
  12. i'm having the same problem! i'm 5'2", btw.

    i was just in the store yesterday and was trying to decide between the sizes. i actually purchased the tiny, but was up all night wondering if i made the right decision.

    i found that the tiny holds a lot for its size. i could fit my small kindle, card case, keys, large ipod, phone and a standard bottle of water into the main compartment. the strap on it is also longer, so if you're like me and like the wear your bags crossbody, then i found that this fit better on my frame. the larger sizes seemed to come up too short.

    the problem is that for $200ish more i could get a much roomier bag in the med. once it gets worn in and slouches, i feel like the appearance of the bag is much nicer than the tiny, which i suspect will hold its shape over time since it's so small. also, the med is the original size! i feel like i should get the med for the principle, but the strap is a little too short so the bag hits at an uncomfortable spot.

    i hope that helps? i actually feel more confused myself now!
  13. Not sure if you've decided yet, but I'm just barely 5'4" (longer torso) and here's some mod pics of me carrying the Medium (saddle) and the Tiny (black) crossbody.

    I love oversized bags and the Medium is the perfect size to carry all of my junk but the size is not oversized.

    what i have in the Medium in the picture: Kate Spade Wallet (cobble hill stacy style), Tom Ford sunglasses case, cosmetics bag, small umbrella, HTC one phone, and ipad mini. There's enough room to accommodate my usual random items like keys, compact mirror, chapstick(s), pens, and point & shoot camera.

    Love this so much I bought another one in Smoke. It's the perfect smaller crossbody size. Enough space for essentials and then some.

    what's in the Tiny in image: smaller tri-fold wallet, ray ban sunglasses case, random stuff in the front pocket and the inside zip pocket, iPad mini.

    Note: with the iPad mini, I'd probably should have used an even slimmer wallet so it doesn't feel like its going to burst, but you get the idea.

    Hope that helps!!!

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  14. ^ great comparison pics! Thanks for sharing - I love the leather slouch and the curling edges in the Saddle!