PS1 Tiny - advice needed

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  1. Hi wonderful PFers!

    Last fall I got a PS1 Tiny in fabric (the black/white jacquard style from, I believe, pre-fall 2015). I absolutely LOVE it. It holds its shape, it's sturdy, and it still looks brand new even though I've used it every day. I have a PS1 Medium in regular leather and while the leather is super-soft, it's so slouchy and delicate I don't reach for it as often--plus, unexpectedly I've found I really love the smaller size of the Tiny.

    So here's my dilemma: I very much want to invest another Tiny in a summer-appropriate color/non-patterned style, but Proenza doesn't seem to be coming out with many fabric options now. Does anyone know if the leather is similarly slouchy/delicate in the Tiny or have you found it holds its shape better than the Medium? (Also, should I consider suede or nylon instead if those also hold their shape better?)

    Also, what color and/or material would you all recommend I go for? I wear a ton of black (what can I say, I'm a New Yorker) but on the occasions during the summer that I'm wearing something with any kind of pattern or that isn't black, my beloved jacquard Tiny just looks bizarre. I'm thinking perhaps a grey or caramel color (I love the white but feel like it'd just get dirty fast) but would love ideas...

    Many thanks in advance!!
  2. Go for the tiny in regular leather. It holds its shape pretty well, it's basically too small to slouch. I agree with u about ps medium, it's slouchy, and I don't like slouchy bag to have too many compartments... I have a tiny in royal blue, its a deep rich colour that goes well with lots of my clothes. If you want to go for a safe summer colour, you can go with one of their basic colours that is available almost every season. Caramel is a seasonal colour and to be honest I don't like ps tiny in caramel... I personally don't dare to get white for a ps as it actually is difficult to clean. It also depends on ur age, if you want fringe... I am already too old for that, lol
    hope u find what u love :smile:
  3. Thank you so much Ellie! I may indeed wait to see what comes out for pre-fall, just to make sure I'm making the right decision but in the meantime perusing Barneys is a great idea!
  4. Thanks Jasmine!! So good to hear you've found yours has been more sturdy, phew. The navy sounds beautiful! I know, I think the white would be so pretty but being in NYC I just don't think it would last. Thanks again for your reply!!
  5. Oh great! I have the same concern as you do. I like ps1 design but just don't like how it gets slouchy. Thank you for asking the question. I'm thinking of violet color. It's nice deep blue as shown on the website. Do you happen to know about the reaction of the bag to the rain? This might be my last concern...
  6. I have owned several colors of PS1s and haven't had a problem with rain...but I don't know that I would carry it in a real downpour. I would recommend treating it. I normally use Collonil Waterstop...but you can check the Maintenance thread for other products.

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