PS1 Smoke v. YSL Cabas Chyc Dove Beige

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  1. Hi all, I have a PS1 and YSL Cabas Chyc color dilemma and I need your opinion. I recently purchased the YSL CC mini in Dove Beige ~ took awhile to find it as the color/size is pretty much sold out everywhere right now but I finally found it at Nordstrom earlier this month. A few days after that purchase, I came across a medium PS1 in Smoke for a great price (brand new) and bought it. I'm new to Proenza and I just love the style, leather and the color of the PS1, but the 2 bags are really similar in size and color. I've decided to keep both styles, but I need to exchange one of the bags for a different color. I just can't decide which one to keep. I'm hesitant to return the YSL since it's currently sold out and may be difficult to find again if I change my mind, but I'm also reluctant to return or sell the PS1. Would you recommend keeping the PS1 in Smoke? I'm also loving Midnight - is it easier to manage than Smoke? Please help me decide!

    Here's a pic of the 2 bags I currently have.
    PS1 Med Smoke.jpg YSL Chyc Mini Dove Beige.jpeg
  2. Both are great bags! I would switch ps1 to midnight since the rare ysl color, it does look very rich in the picture (not sure I've seen one in real life). I love my midnight, go with anything and is easy to maintain.
  3. Nice color ... Congrats!:smile:
  4. Hi there ;)

    I vote switch the PS1 for midnight! And I urge you to reconsider the navy suede PS1, even though I know you don't like suede!
  5. Well hello there! Seems like everyone is voting for midnight. I also got half of my office involved in this decision and they all agreed I should swap the PS1 and keep the chyc in beige. Yay! I can finally use one of them now!!
  6. Thanks for your input! I plan on switching the smoke for midnight.
  7. I had a midnight keepall. While the color was dark , it was not really that easy to match with a lot of colors...also the leather wasnt that great and scratched easily.
    How about getting the PS1 in black or a pop color ? :smile:
  8. I also have a midnight Keepall like rx4dsoul, plus the smoke ps1. I agree with the leather scratching on the midnight blue. But I found the leather felt softer and more strokeable than the smoke.

    Anyways I think keeping the Chyc was a good choice!
  9. Really? Did you think the quality of the leather was not as great compared to the leather on the other colors? Or just not great in general?
  10. Oh no, I'm so sad to hear the midnight scratches more easily than the smoke. Are the scratches really noticeable?
  11. Not great in general unfortunately. And yes, the scratches were visible as pale whitish streaks depending on light angling. I didnt try to buff them out as i hate having to condition my leather items - we do have humid weather and thats like inviting molds in . I gave it up.
    Take note though that was 2011 midnight. Theres a 2012 midnight and maybe this one's leather is better (??).