PS1+ Reveal before I send it back


Apr 14, 2017
First of all, thank you everyone who answered all my questions about the PS1. I decided to purchased the PS1+ Medium because of the new hardware and a crossbody strap. I ordered it through Neiman Marcus over a week ago and finally got it today. I love the style, the size, the color - basically everything about the bag. The problem is it came in damaged, no PS dust bag, no serial number and care cards, and have some scratch on the metal. I called NM and they said they are sending out FedEX to pick up the defected bag and give me a new one. Fingers crossed that it will be in a perfect condition, or I'd have to return and get the refund.

Anyway, here's what it look like.

2017-05-11 14.28.11.jpg


It's a clown world after all
Feb 10, 2017
Now I put the bag back in the shipping box and pray for Tuesday when the FedEx guy arrives. Wish me luck!
Strange they'd send out a bag in that condition. Maybe it was a return and NM didn't check it thoroughly when it was returned? Anyway, it's a lovely bag so hoping you get a perfect one next week!