PS1 Repair Question

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  1. [​IMG] Hello! A few months ago I purchased this PS1 from poshmark and recently we noticed the handle is slowly coming apart. I contacted the seller and she said she got it from
    Net A Porter and doesn't have the receipt anymore. If you push towards the damaged area the handle will split apart and open a bit. Does anyone have any advice on getting it repaired?

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  2. Hi, this could be the edge coating that needs to be refinished. Perhaps the stitches are still ok so there's no worry carrying the bag.
  3. If she really bought it from Net A Porter I do not see any problem with her getting a receipt from the company. I think Proenza would say this is normal wear and would not do anything to repair it-just from previous posts on their customer service concerning repairs.

    You could always take it to a shoe repair place and see if they can replace the edges or even buy the leather paint in this color yourself. I have done my Chanel wallets and a large Cambon pink bag with pink leather paint. You can buy them online.

    Can I ask how old the bag is? Not how long you had it but what year it was made?
  4. I would definitely try contacting Proenza Schouler CS. The repair won't be complimentary, but they might repair it for a fee. :smile: