Ps1 nude vs smoke

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  1. Hi :smile:
    After I was hunting so hard for my ps1 in nude leather I am considering now to sell it and get a ps1 in smoke instead. The reason is because I never dare to wear my nude bag, I am always concerned to get it dirty, I wore it just very few times and now I think I should get a bag that I can really enjoy.

    After I've seen some photos of th ps1 in smoke leather I think this might be a bag I'd really like to use. I don't like though that it often seems to become brown after a while, because I love the grey color so much.

    What would you suggest? Can you give me some advice on the color smoke? Do you have any experience with nude or smoke bags? Does the smoke color always turn brine or khaki after using it for a while?

  2. Hi, they are both gorgeous colors. For the smoke I know PS changed the dye or leather so it's less prone to change color in humid climate. I have the old smoke and it's still fine though. I haven't seen many pics of the newer smoke after been carried so I'm not sure how it holds up.
  3. I vote for smoke :smile::smile1
  4. That helps, thank you :smile: I might like better that it holds it's color better. But yours looks awesome too!!
  5. Thank you :smile: why smoke? :smile: because it gets less dirty?

  6. Yup! Ps1 should be a laid back bag in my opinion. The smoke would allow you to be carefree with the bag. Good luck and post photos, dear!
  7. Thanks :smile: ja I think you're right. Still considering if it should be a large or medium... But of course I'll gonna post it when it adds to my collection :smile:
  8. I own a large lipstick PS1. :biggrin: Good luck choosing!
  9. :smile:
    I have a bright red medium and still a nude medium so far and a black large one. And a medium neon coral is on its way ;)
    Probably looking for another large in smoke then :smile:
  10. Wow! I love your collection! I totally want a neon coral, too :smile: