PS1 medium~Small details from PS offical website and HGbags!! HELP!!

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    Hi ladies,
    I purschased a 2012 rasberry PS1 bags from the Proenza Schouler offical website and a 2012 black PS1 bags from HGbags. There are many great reviews of HGbags, however, after comparing the 2 bags, there are some differences. The tags are little different, and the leather is thinner of the black one, especially the zippers from HGbags has the "YKK" logos. What do you think about it? I'm very confused!!
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    And also today I went to the Norstrom Valley Fair to check the Proenza Schouler handbags, none of the zippers has the " YKK" logo.
  3. Hi, from the beginning in 2008 when the PS1 was released they all had YKK zippers. I suppose they all were made in the same small shop and it stayed the same until the last couple of years. Now PS are selling a many more bags and from what I've seen they are made in different shops/production lines and it's expected that they are slightly different. They also uses different leather thickness depending on what colors/dyes used. My kelly green Pouch is thicker than my black and smoke etc..
  4. Thanks!!
  5. My medium Birch PS1 is thicker than my Midnight LKA. Don't fret!
  6. I just receive the email from Proenza Schouler, they said they do not use YKK zippers anymore, but the black PS1 bag I purhased from Erica is 2012....still feel strange....Proenza Schouler asked me to send them more pictures to authenticate the bag from HGBAGS, I will update the news once I got the response from them.
  7. Please keep us updated. I m nervous now cz I just got my ps 1 from Erica n there is YKK logo on the zipper.
  8. My SKA from Erica doesn't have a ykk zipper on the inner pocket. It has that swirly design that is also on the metal piece on the handle. Just FYI.
  9. My burgundy ska has YKK zipper for inside pocket.
  10. Did they tell you when they stopped using the YKK zipper?
  11. I also just received a PS1 from Erica (who I've worked with before and love) and the description for the bag said 2012 but it has YKK on the zippers. I'm hoping that maybe Erica just confused the years. Maybe it's from 2011 and not 2012. I think it would be great if she could clear this up. I refuse to let myself believe that she would sell inauthentic bags. She's been a seller since 2002 and has an incredible reputation. I've always loved working with her.
  12. I have bought several bags from Erica as well and so far I don't see any issues....however i am pretty new with PS bag and not familiar with all the little details...i dont wana think she would sell inauthentic bag as well but this issue do raise my doubt and concerns....
  13. I have seen the small changes PS made through the years and it's introduced for new season colors first and could take more than six months until all bags has the change..

    Eta: and I've seen for example Barneys sell older season bags, I think they has a larger stock of some styles eg the Pochette..
  14. That's true, Elliespurse. I guess we can wait to see what PS comes back and says.
  15. This is the first email from PS

    > Hi Nancy..
    > Hope this finds you well.
    > I am so sorry for the delay in my response to your below e mail. I understand your confusion with the bags and yes it is hard to tell sometimes.
    > Do you know what season this bag is from? As of right now we do not use YKK zippers, but that is not to say that in the past we haven't. Is it possible you can send me some images of the bag? Maybe I can better clarify this way?
    > Please let me know If there is anything else I can do.
    > Best,
    > Rachel Smith