PS1 large all black *get*

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. still pondering wether or not to return it....just not sure somehow. i kind of love it, but i have to say that the shoulder strap bothers me a lot. its sort of flimsy, idk. like if you compare it to LV quality its garbage. also its shorter than i anticipated. BUT there is just no other bag out there like the PS1. i was going back and forth between jimmy choo, givenchy, bottega veneta,...,but in the end no other brand has this edge to their design. at least not in my oppinion :biggrin:

    still has the net-a-porter tag on. just in case ;3
  4. Oh wow! That's a beautiful bag. I agree that no other bag quite matches the edginess and urban feel of PS1, I have the same bag myself but w/ the gunmetal hardware.
  5. Congrats! :biggrin: It's a great bag!
  6. That's a great looking bag. And you got the large? You are soo gonna rock it! Enjoy!
  7. Gorgeous bag! I had the same one and sold it and regretted it ever since. Hope you decide to keep it, it's more durable than it seems and looks great on.
  8. thank you :heart:

    ooooh the gunmetal is really cool too! I plan on buying a classic balenciaga work in black, thats why for the ps1 i wanted the all black version.

    thankies :*

    oh my thats what i thinking as well, that i might regret it if i gave it away ^w^'

    nah Im gonna keep it ;3
  9. Yay congrats on the bag and congrats on the decision to keep it! Post some mod pics if you can? :smile:
  10. sooo..yeah.

    I decided to return it.
    I just couldnt get over the shoulderstrap. Everytime i touched it it just felt so bad. I disliked it so much that I actually took it off because it bothered me so much. i originally chose this style because of the strap though. i didnt want a handbag. so everybody told me to not keep it if i wasnt 100% sure about it at roughly 1700€.
    Im a bit sad since i wanted this bag for so long and i still think its über gorgeous, but yeah, the quality is awful especially with the shoulderstrap im afraid
  11. You know for what we spend on our bags it HAS to BE ABSOLUTELY right for us. Otherwise, it's a waste of money to have something you may never enjoy carrying. I'm sorry it didn't work out, but bravo for knowing what you want and what you will accept. I hope your NEXT purchase is a good one.
  12. if you like the ps1 style, I found suede version has better leather quality, including the strap. suede is to die for!!! if in black/ navy, don't have to worry about aging/ dirt as much :smile:
  13. Agree 100%