PS1 in Military, Teal, or Burgundy?

  1. I'm about to join you guys and buy a PS1. I usually hang out in Louis Vuitton or Balenciaga, but have become intrigued with PS. Can't decide between these color. Probably the Burgundy is the most practical, but Teal is one of my favorite colors. I wear a lot of blacks and neutrals so I probably could carry off the Teal. I'm undecided about the Military, but it looks pretty neutral. Any help out there? I'm ready to listen.
  2. I vote burgundy or military.

    I have the military and it really does go with everything in my wardrobe including all my crazy DVF prints!
  3. I like the Burgundy the best. The Teal is also so pretty but I would be worried about color transfer to the bag...

  4. I hadn't considered the color transfer, but that is something to seriously consider. I'm now between Burgundy and Military, but I'm leaning toward Burgundy.

  5. Everyone who has purchased Military seems to be very happy with it. It would be pretty with pink. I wear a lot of blacks, whites, neutrals. If I put color on it is usually in the aqua family and I'm not sure how Military will go with that color family.

  6. Love the pix of your adorable puppy.
  7. I was going to say Teal first, but if you've changed your mind about it, I would go for military or maybe the new bronze.
  8. Among the 3 choices, BURGUNDY looks best with black :graucho:
  9. ^ ^ ^ Agreed! And Burgundy is the least likely to show any color transfer.

    Of your three choices, I would say that Military is definitely the most neutral and many people would get the most use out of that. But, since your wardrobe is primarily neutral, I think that Burgundy would be a great choice. It would add some extra color, but with more depth and less "pop" than Teal.

    PS has some lovely and inexpensive SLGs. Maybe a wallet in Teal to satisfy that craving?
  10. Burgundy or Military for me! Teal is a beautiful colour but it's not as versatile as the other two.
  11. Go with burgundy. That color is so beautiful in both suede and leather...
  12. I'm really happy with it now. It's not my favourite colour in the world (I really wanted burgundy or lilac) but it sure does go with a whole lot of stuff. And the satchel looks really hip and trendy in the military colour. So many people stop me and ask me what brand it is cos they've never seen it before and they go gaga over the colour.

    If it helps, I posted some pics of the military in post #32 of my decision thread. Now I just want it to stop raining so I can take her to work!! :lol:

    And thanks, Bailey is the best furbaby any furmum could want!!! :heart:
  13. Thanks and the photos really helped. You're correct Military is so versatile and seems to go with everything.
  14. I'm probably going to get the leather since it is lighter in weight. I'm def leaning toward the burgundy. Wish I could see these bags in person. Erica is supposed to offer a coupon on Black Friday so I plan to order with her. She seems to have the best prices and I have bought a few BBags from her and they have always been wonderful.

  15. Teal actually was my first choice, but then I thought it would be less versatile and maybe the color would be too much of a pop (too much drama for me) because it looks like kelly green and not an aqua. Thanks for your insight.