PS1 grey color

  1. Are "Smokey Grey" and "Smoke" two different shades? I just noticed on the Barneys website listed PS1 Large as "Smokey Grey"(which i like) and PS1 Mini Crossbody pouch as "Smoke". They certainly appear to be different colors on the screen but I want to confirm before I make a purchase. Thank you in advance for your advice...!
  2. Hmmmm that's a toughy. The Large PS1 almost looks like a beige too me it definitely looks lighter than the pouch. Smoke is a regular color however depending on the season it could be darker or lighter. Some of the older Smokes have a bit of a blue undertone when you look at the edges and the newer smokes don't. Just a FYI there is a BIG difference in size between the large PS1 and the the pouch.