PS1 Bag Weight Issue


Aug 27, 2010
Paranoid about weight issue for PS1 bag...

I've posted here before about purchasing a PS1 large moss a while ago. Since then, I've had my PS1 for about a month now, but i've only used it twice... I usually carry it on my shoulder, using the long shoulder strap. I usually carry with me a wallet, ipod, 350ML water bottle, umbrella, hard paper back novel and maybe a pencil case and an A4 plastic folder w/ notes. I am so worried about the metal "clips"at the ends of the strap breaking. Because i noticed there is a "screw" like stucture that will dislodge if you twist it and overtime it'll "unscrew" itself. I've had a few balenciagsa before and the structure of their strap metal ends seem more duable, like there is no "screw -like" structure.

gahhh, i am just worried and i've spent so much money on this, i don't want to wreck it.
Any thoughts?


Jun 21, 2009
It should be no problems at all, the strap/hardware are the same on all sizes and I have carried my xl on travels filled to the brim. Laptop, cables, 2 agendas, wallet, water bottle, files, toiletry kit, etc. It was really heavy but the strap was no problems, it was me that was exhausted from carrying it..


Nov 1, 2008
New York
Thank goodness for this thread.

I had a similar situation but my clip of my strap releases, only when my bag is filled with a small make-up pouch, a notebook, wallet and sometimes a small water bottle. My handbag has fallen to the floor a few times since it happens so randomly when I'm walking. I also noticed that one of the metal straps is inside out, not sure if that makes sense.. but I have no idea how that happened!

Now, I can't carry as much items as I used to because I'm so afraid of that happening again. I only carry a smaller make-up pouch and an extra small notebook.

I've been thinking about purchasing a suede medium PS1 since I think it's the leather that's stretching with all the heaviness.


Mar 13, 2007
i can also vouch that the bag holds up to the heavy things i put inside it.
sometimes i shove it with shoes, i pad, 2 wallets, make up pouch all my keys etc and the strap is totally fine with it... as mentioned before the only one suffering from the weight is you ( or me in this case)