PS1 bag quality: has the tied knot ruined your leather strap?

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  1. Hi All,

    I just picked up a PS1 medium in smoke from Charly Ensuite in Amsterdam. It is a small boutique but is def. an anthurized retailer for PS as it is listed under the official PS site's stocklist.

    I love the style of PS1 medium and the leather is in deed soft and buttery. However, after reading some of the threads here about bag screws loosening and other issues, I'm a bit concerned. Have most of you who owned the PS1 had any issue with your bag? If yes, how long did it take for the problem to come out?

    One thing that does bother me is that the leather strap seems to be a bit fragile or thin/weak. As the strap comed "tied" up in a knot, when I untied the knot, I can see obvious stretch marks and slightly color fading on the areas where the leather was tied. Do you have that problem? Does it get better after you start wearing the bag for a while?

  2. My strap stretched out a bit. It does seem so thin for such a heavy bag. I think it's okay though.
  3. the knot was not a problem on mine. it didn't leave any mark when i first got it.

    mine is only 2 months old, so it hasn't shown any wear and tear yet.
  4. I haven't had any problems either, and I usually carry a heavy camera in my PS1:s too [​IMG]
  5. As soon as I got my bag I untied the knot and smoothed it out. I didn't have any problems with my bag as of yet as it's only 9 months old.
  6. Hi Elliespurse,

    Is yours a black patent leather?
    That's pretty strong to hold up a DSLR I think!

    I will take my new bag out this weekend and upload some pictures.

  7. ^Yes it's the patent medium PS1, it's great for rainy days.

    I'm looking forward to the pics!
  8. I haven't had problems with the knotting affecting the color/texture. I wonder if your bag was on display and had some color fading from light or something. The straps are thin, but they are strong, in my experience. I take care of my bags, but I don't baby them. I have lost screws though so I highly recommend tightening yours. In fact, I'm going to try to remember to do all of mine again this weekend.
  9. I know what you mean. Is THE
    Color really off on the stretched places or just look like that?
  10. Hi lepetitangel,

    Do you keep your PS bag? I too have the same problem. The PS 1 that I found at a boutique in Italy (PS authorized reseller) has stretch mark/ streak hide .. They said it's natural for PS bag. I've never seen any PS bag has this issue and it's not on the strap it's on the bucket strap at the front. The price is good but I am not sure whether this one is defective.

    Let me know your thought.