PS Waiting Lounge~come and join me

  1. :woohoo:

    Too bad I missed UPS today!! Now I have to wait till tuesday to unpack my new asset! :mad:
  2. As a Taiwanese, our culture believes red wallet will make u keep spending without stopping...however, some also believes people who have the ability to spend money also means they have ability to make money...
    it really depends on which side you are at and how you look at it... :smile:
  3. i fall in love with PS bag
    besides my Bright Red PS1 ...i just got a burgundy SKA in mail today..
    however, i am trying to authenticate it first before i reveal photos...
    once its offical, i will post more photos :smile:
  4. waiting for ps1 small keepall from Erica in ORCHID :love:

    total impulse buy on friday, saw that she added RASPBERRY on saturday! argh maybe i should have waited, but i think orchid will be lovely (plus her markdown on the SKA is pretty amazing)
  5. Waiting for a black LKA bought on eBay! So excited. I'm surprised, but happy, how much I love the KA.
  6. My very first PS bag - a LKA in Violet - should arrive tomorrow!
  7. I ordered my first medium PS1 in saddle on Saturday night from the Proenza website, and still haven't received a shipment confirmation!! I'm getting so antsy, does anyone know how long til they ship the bag out??
  8. Wow! So many waiting!! And such a variety! I hope you all share your purchases.

    qtgirl, I've found PS to be pretty quick when I've ordered directly from them.
  9. image-3374390592.jpg

    Burgundy ska + bright red ps1 medium
  10. ^
    Your bright red is stunning. I just placed an order for ps1 medium in suede grape color.
  11. Love them both, kyuis2004!
  12. Hi ladies! I placed an order for a PS1 medium saddle! Been reading up on the Proenza forum and was in a delicious dilemma on which colour to settle for my first PS1 before deciding on saddle. She will be arriving tomorrow! I just can't wait! :biggrin:
  13. ^Yay!! [​IMG] Congrats on your Saddle PS1, post reveal pics when you gets it! :biggrin:
  14. Definitely! Thanks!
  15. Seriously a great choice. My saddle ska is the most beautiful color.

    I'm also waiting for my first medium. Orange. From Erica. It caught my eye when I got my lipstick pouch at the Madison Ave store and I couldn't get it off my mind!