PS Waiting Lounge~come and join me

  1. i am joining you girls. I am waiting for my bright red medium PS1 too :heart:
    That coupon was hard to resist :balloon:
  2. I'd love to see side by side comparisons of bright red and lipstick - they look so similar online but IRL there must be some differences. Anyone know more?
  3. That's right. The deal is a steal. We will have sister bag :smile:
  4. Show us the pix when u got it. Cannot wait cannot wait. :smile:
  5. happy birthday!
    my birthday was last week too :biggrin:
    same bag for the gemini girls!
  6. I love this thread! I'm waiting on my medium orchid PS1. Ordered it from early this morning and I was so excited for it, I decided to have it overnighted. It will be here tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, I'll be at work all day :sad:
  7. I'm so envious! I tried ordering from HGBags and I messed up and missed the sale! I thought I placed my order at 9:30, but didn't get an email confirmation. I realized I never hit the final "confirm" button, and went back, by then it was 11PM and the coupon no longer worked for me! I'm trying to be patient to wait for another good deal, but I may be waiting a looonng time. In the meantime, I'll ogle all your new bags!
  8. Have you tried to talk to Erica about this? I think if you explained the situation she will honor the sale for you.
  9. :dothewave::dothewave:
    Happy Belated Birthday to you gemini girl
  10. I did!...but I never heard back from her
  11. That's weird...I know Erica is slow on responding email sometimes but always response. I am sorry to hear that..
    July 4th is coming up...maybe she will have another big sale by then. pay attention on her emails...from time to time she will send out coupons randomly..
    good luck
  12. image-3237113413.jpg

    After a week, my ps1 finally arrived
  13. congrats!! still waiting on mine! it looks really really bright- I can't wait to get mine ! show more pix!
  14. I finally jumped on the bright red continental wallet wagon!!
    A new wallet to brighten up my black bags.
    Can't wait to get it!!
  15. Congrats. Bright red is a very good color. Show us some pix when u get it :smile: