PS shoes run... true to size?

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  1. I got waaaay too excited when I found these shoes because I have the holographic PS11 and I LOVE matching my shoes to my bag :P can't help myself, I have always been matchy matchy, and I do that with most of my bags...

    I'm normally size 38-39 (normally 38 for open toe) and I got the 39.5 (yes it's open toe) because it was the smallest one of the ones available. *facepalm* I couldn't control myself..... you guys think It's going to be too big? :/
  2. The PS platforms that I have run small. Not sure how the sandals typically fit though.
  3. They seemed true to size, which means They are slightly bigger than O would have liked but not enough to prevent me from loving them. They look truly amazing in person too and I cant wait to pair them with my holo ps11! :biggrin:
  4. The ones I have (pumps) run true to size!