PS newby!! My very first Proenza Schouler purse!!!

  1. Love your Neon Pink so much that I just snagged the last one off HGBags!! I love the way you have styled it with your outfit! Congrats!!
  2. Congratulations beauty! Your new bag is exquisite. I've left the strap knotted. I love the look of it, and I've really never carried it on the shoulder anyway. It's always on my wrist. Wear it well!
  3. It looks adorable with your outfit. Great color!
  4. Love love love that color! I actually like it more than my new(ish) Orchid. I bought an Orchid Medium last month through the PS website and the strap was not knotted. Weird! Hope you enjoy your new purse!
  5. I love the suede! Makes it more unique :smile: and that COLOUR :woohoo:
  6. Nice.. love it!!:rockettes::rockettes::rockettes:
  7. do you have to be more gentle with suede? i'm looking for my first ps1 and love the tabacco suede but i'm not sure if it's the right one for me since i dont want to have to be super careful with it! thoughts?
  8. Stunning bag! Love the color!