PS newby!! My very first Proenza Schouler purse!!!

  1. Today I just bought my very first Proenza Schouler purse after longing for it for a long time (and often looked at all the lovely bags here)
    And when I saw this hot Pink medium suede PS1 I knew this would be my first Proenza purse!
    I am so happy as it was probably the only one in store in the Netherlands (this one just came in) and my friend immediately took a picture with the bag.


    The only bit that scares me is that it's my first suede bag and will show wear quite easy. Any advise to keep it in good shape???
  2. That is gorgeous Angela! Congratulations on your purchase!

    I've read people use a waterproofing spray - the popular brand here in the U.S. is called Scotch Guard. It can make colors a little darker so I would be scared to use it on your beauty.

    Hopefully someone here will have the proper suggestion, but you might try contacting PS through their website and ask what they recommend. that way too, it's like staying in the authorized use of a product so the warranty doesn't become voided :0)
  3. Gorgeous!! :love: Congrats, great mod pic too!!
  4. Thanks for the suggestion! It's already sprayed by the sa and there was no change in color whatsoever. The sa was so nice I wanted to see the color in daylight and just let me take ik outside to try and when I bought it she sprayed it for me after asking of course.

    She also told me the knot in the shoulder strap should stay as that is the typical proenza schouler look, have you also heard about that?
  5. Congrats on your new bag. The color is so pretty that it makes me want to get another PS suede bag. :love: I just bought a PS1 medium and plan to keep the knot as is. I think it all depends on individual's preferences.
  6. that's beautiful
    looks great with your outfit too
  7. Hi - what a lovely color! I have a suede PS1 as well, still in fantastic condition. I have protected it with Vectra spray, which I ordered directly from the manufacturer. The spray has been reapplied a few times, just to make sure.

    I currently have two PS1s (used to have four), and I have unknotted all of the straps. I am short, but even so I like for the bag to rest at about hip length. I think it's a matter of preference - the design aesthetic is more "Proenza" to me than the knotted strap.
  8. Gorgeous color!
  9. that bag is gorgeous and goes great with your shirt.
  10. Congratulations on your new bag! The color is gorgeous. This really has me wishing for a suede bag.
  11. Gorgeous! PS bags look best in color! I really love it in this hot pink suede! It's bright but not in your face bright. So pretty. Congrats!
  12. stunning!!
    the knot is indeed part of the look as i have heard but i un-knot my mediums.
  13. I have a Tobacco suede PS1 and I spray Vectra on it! It's been wonderful and my bag looks amazing. I've had it since last November. Personally I feel the suede looks better in these bags than the regular leather. I also own a Midnight PS1 and I don't find the leather looks as nice as my suede version, although it's still beautiful. The suede is a stunner though. Congrats on a gorgeous bag but do not wear it until you spray spray spray lol!
  14. Very pretty Angela! Congrats.
    We're among a few happy people with a PS1 in The Netherlands. When I come in certain stores SA's freak out because it's such a rare brand in NL. Very funny :upsidedown:

    I would spray the bag with Collonil. I also did that with a light grey suede bayswater. It really does a good job!
  15. Yeah! Another Dutchie, hehe, as far as I know they only sell PS at Charly Ensuite, they had a very big collection of PS1 bags at the moment, they just came in. And funny that SA's react so much to that bag, I have the same with my Celine luggage