PS Experience at a JB Clinic

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  1. #1 Jun 14, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2016
    Hi peeps, I just came back from JB after arm and thigh liposuction and facial fat graft. :smile: This is my 3rd fat graft and the swelling is at its minimal I must say.

    I'll try and upload some pictures on the liposuction areas once I can remove.

    This clinic provides free round trip for people travelling from Singapore to their clinic and their prices are fairly reasonable too. The car picked me up at about 12.30pm and I reached the clinic at 1.30pm. The nurses started to prepare me for the surgery at 2.30pm and I seriously can't remember when but I dozed off and when I got up it was about 5pm.

    I was still feeling drowsy and fell asleep till 7pm and the car picked me up at 8pm. I got home at 9. Overall experience was pretty decent so would like to share with fellow Asians who want to have surgeries but don't want to travel too far.

    I started surgeries in Singapore (eyes and nose), then in Korea (liposuction, fat graft and chin implant) and lastly JB (revised eyes and nose). From my experience, I feel that JB offers the best price (especially now that their currency is depreciating) and result. So if you are keen, just feel free to ask k. I'll update again tomorrow!

    Good night for now.

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  2. Great review, first time hearing about this clinic!

    Which doctor operated on you? Did you have the fat graft on the whole face or just the forehead? Did you have fat implanted in the under eye area as well?
    Could you post a before and after picture of the fat graft? For comparison!

    Thanks again :smile:
  3. Hello~~ Thanks for sharing your experience. I've also never heard about JB!!!
    I had fat grafting in Korea and now I am also thinking about arm lipo.
    I heard when you raise the arm, it is too painful. Is it true??
    I want to hear your stories more. Please update it. ;)
  4. Hello ladies! Haha. The new purseforum finally up!!! Finally can come in to update on my progress...

    Ok I'm on day 3 now and still swelling but yesterday my bf came and visit me and he said can tell my thigh smaller.

    This is my 3rd time doing fat graft and I liked what this doctor did which is different from doctors in Korea. He only filled up areas he felt needed to be filled. Ok there's good and bad because you would feel that you're paying for almost full face price and only getting certain areas filled. Just FYI, my fat graft was RM4,000 which is SGD1,000 plus and USD1,000? Compare to Korea, it's already a HUGE BARGAIN.

    I did 2 times fat graft in Seoul and both times I needed a full 2 weeks for me to "look normal" which honestly I'm not the boss and I don't have so many leaves! Hahaha. So partial filling areas which needed to be filled is GREAT for me! My face looks normal now on Day 3 and I'm all ready to get back to work without looking like a "pig head".

    I've attached a photo which was before I did this 3rd time and of course from my 1st post you can see how I look like now. I also did chin implant so from the picture you can also see the before and after.

    As for liposuction, now I'm still pretty bruised I guess. But I know I'm bound to look "smaller" in weeks since this is already my 2nd time doing it.

    I never have doubts in surgeries at JB but I've to say they do have securities issue like it's not a "safe" place. I did both my eyes and nose revision in JB (another JB clinic) and trust me their skills are way better than SG doctors. I spent SGD8,000 for my nose and SGD2,500 for my eyes in Singapore only having to revise it in JB for RM5,000 for my nose and RM3,000 for my eyes which is total RM8,000!? And what, they did a better job. That's really sad. If I knew I wouldn't spend such huge amounts in Singapore really. Totally not worth it!

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  5. My arm liposuction this time round was surprisingly not as painful as that time I did in Seoul. I'm not complaining Seoul because my arm did become smaller after my 1st liposuction just that it was pretty painful. Haha. I couldn't really bath myself too. But this time round I actually already bathed on the 2nd day by myself.

    It's not totally painless. Just that I can do things myself and u r right lifting up your arms can be a little painful. Haha. But you won't need to lift often so don't worry about it. :smile:
  6. Just for sharing next I'm going to do braces! So excited. Hahaha.

    Again I spent SGD8,000 on invisalign which did minimal on shifting my teeth and now I have to go back to the traditional braces just to push my profile back. :sad:

    Ok I'm vain if you see my side view I feel my mouth like protruding. I don't think it's serious but I hate it. I'm already 31. No more waiting for BRACES! I'm just going to do it. Once I do it, I will also post on the updates if anybody is interested. Let's keep being PRETTY together. :smile:
  7. Thanks for sharing sundaelove. Hope you recover well and fast. Did my fat grafting in Seoul. Indeed have to wait at least two week plus to look 'normal' again for me. Still look abit swollen though for my case.
  8. Yes yes. At least 2 weeks but after the fats subside you wish the doctor had put in more! :P
  9. Anyway just for updates, I'm on my way now to JB to remove my stitches. :smile: then I will go have my eyelash extension at KSL. Yay!
  10. Yup yup, can't agree more most likely need to do again in future. Have fun in JB.
  11. May I know which clinic is it? I want to redo my nose and eyes. How do you contact with the clinic?
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  12. Hi Milkyway, do you have line app?
  13. Updates:

    I'm back at work already and no one has noticed that I've done my fat grafting. :smile: which is good. Haha.

    I've removed my stitches yesterday on 21/06, exactly a week after my surgery on 14/06. So now the bruising is pretty bad now especially on my inner thighs since they were the fattest and most fats are gotten from there.

    Now I just have to wait patiently for slimmer legs! I've attached photos on how "big" the stitches are. They are really small actually. Bruising is also normal for liposuction. I'm still wearing the compression garments. Really hot here in Singapore. :sad:

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  14. #14 Jun 23, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 27, 2016
    Hi, I'm going in again on one of the Saturdays in July for botox and my review.

    Currently I've 2 friends who will be joining me to the clinic. :smile: Will try to arrange one trip a month to JB. Safer to travel in groups. Have checked with the clinic they will provide pick up at Kranji MRT and drop off at the same place. Feel free to PM me.

    FYI, consultation fees for cosmetic surgery doctors @ RM190 and aesthetic doctors @ RM65.
  15. Thanks for sharing sundaelove .
    Can you advise what method of liposuction did they do for you?