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  1. So there has been quite a bit of "talk" on the spring/summer 2014 thread of an app called PS Dept. I would love to give credit to the member who first posted about it but the thread was too many pages and I was unable to find it. I know a lot of members have mentioned joining and I thought that maybe we should have a thread to ask questions and share our purchases and experiences with it. I signed up but have yet to use it as I'm a little unsure of how it works. If they find your item are you obligated to purchase? Is the price the same as retail or do they charge a "finders fee"? Please share your findings.

    Mod's if I have posted in the wrong section please move to appropriate place.
  2. I signed up 2 days ago and purchased a medium fuchsia boy yesterday. Once I submitted my request it took about half an hour for them to reply and in their post they included the picture of the bag. It was then my decision to buy or not which I did. I think the bag was from Hirsch because the girl mentioned she was yesterday there taking pictures of what they had not only chanel but other brands. They offered free shipping and other faster options at different prices. With respect to a finders fee I was charged 4200 for the new medium and I know its 4100 but I have also read in the forum that Hirsch charges 100 more for Woc's?? So I dont know, maybe if someone has bought a new medium from Hirsch before can comment on it. Another thing is that when I first put down my cc info it included taxes but in then goes to a bill review process by PS Dept and my final bill once approved was w/o taxes because I'm in Fl. So that was another plus. I expect to receive my bag by the end of the week so I will keep you posted. Before I signed up I read some articles about the service from Vogue and other sources and it seemed quite good. Overall I am quite happy with the service and just waiting for the bag to arrive!!!
  3. I'm sorry- what is this ap? It sounds awesome!

  4. Thanks so much for the info. Please let us know once your bag arrives. I'm considering using them to help me find my bag since I've been unsuccessful and want to get it before the price increase.

  5. It's called PS Dept and I was able to download it from the I-tunes app store. It was talked about in the spring/summer thread.
  6. I recommend it. At first I was taken back because I thought I had to pay tax since we don't have a Bloomingdales here in New Orleans. It was just an estimate but when it was time to check out, I was only charged for 2 day shipping plus insurance on it. She was very quick and helpful. I love this because it can be hectic going through several sa's which it shouldn't be such a hassle!
  7. I had a good experience, even though they couldn't find my bag! They promised to waitlist me in multiple stores. It makes the hunt easy for us.
    I think they share commission with the SA, so there is no finders fee for us!
  8. so do they charge more than retail or is it just store price?
  9. Is this only available in the US?
  10. This is interesting. I hope more ppl that have used this app could chime in!

    Your thoughts and opinions would be very much appreciated :smile: I'm curious about this now
  11. I also like the app. I have not purchased anything yet. I asked for her to find me a white caviar CWC, which she could not find. A few days later she notified me she would have access to to the pre-fall buy sheet in case I wanted to order anything. I thought this was great service. Today she let me know she has a black CWC, I'm not interested in this but again appreciated the service. They have a ton of ballet flats you can browse through also, some I have never seen before and are really pretty like a coral with gold toe. (I don't live near a boutique so my options are limited at Saks and NM). Although I have not purchased it seems like a great resource to hunt for bags.
  12. I am curious how the return or the exchange works? Do you get original receipt from the store the purchased item come from?
  13. I can't use the app because I have an adroid :rain: I was hoping to use it to ask if they could find me a 14C light pink chanel mini or woc. If anyone would be sweet enough to use the app to ask for me I'd really appreciate it!! :]
  14. I know nothing about it, but they've annoyed me by coming here and pretending to be customers to advertise this :rolleyes:
    hate when SA's or websites do this.

  15. Sorry to hear that. I really love the forum and especially how we all with no other interest than to help each other out, share our love for chanel.

    With respect to this thread I can say that, I am a customer and expecting my bag today. Hopefully everything works perfectly.