PS Bucket Bag vs Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag

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  1. Considering purchasing a PS medium bucket bag to add to my PS collection! Have any of you purchased one? If so, thoughts on it and any thoughts on it in comparison to the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag? I'm in a dilemma between these two brands! Thanks!!!
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  2. I think I would go with the style that's the signature for that brand. Mansur Gavriel is known for their bucket bags. I own the large size bucket in black/ballerina with the vegetable tanned leather. The leather is beautiful. Nothing like any bag I've own. I can't comment on the PS bucket since I have not seen one in person. I hope to own the PS1 tiny bag one day either in light gray or smoke.
  3. Definitely Mansur Gavriel, their leather is gorgeous and you can pick an interior color.
    I am personally not impressed by the Proenza bucket bag, very floppy and feels like one you can buy at H&M. I actually saw them for 70% at a local department store last year, that says enough I think.
  4. I think the PS bucket bags are lovely with a classic look. I adore the leather. MG I like as well but its more stiff and a different "look" for a bucket bag... I prefer smooshy leather for my bucket. So I don't think either are better than each other as they are so different to me.
  5. I have a PS bucket bag and it's gorgeous! I get so many compliments on it. The leather is very thick and soft, although I wouldn't say the bag is smooshy, however much softer than Mansur Gavriel. It definitely holds it's shape though. The only drawback is mine has absolutely no pockets inside so it's sort of a black hole. Not sure they have changed this detail now as mine is over a year old. Anyway, I definitely recommend it.