PS backpack! Keep or not?

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  1. I just got this bag from NR, the price is not bad comparing to its original price: 800+. However, it is still not cheap for a school bag.
    I'm still go to school so I plan to use it as my school bag, which means I'll carry a laptop, text books and some note books everyday. The bag is large enough, but I'm wondering if this kind of soft leather can hold so many things? Will the weight kill the bag..?

    Any suggestions? Keeper or not?

    First thread, thank you for your advise!:smile:

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  2. I was just talking to someone who has one and LOVES it. Not a student though, so I don't know how much weight it carries.

    PS leather holds up to a lot, despite it's softness.
    I say keep! :graucho:
  3. I use my ps for school- books, laptop, iPad whatever. I pack it to the point of heavy and the leather holds up very well, don't be worried to stuff it!
  4. Wow congrats on the backpack. I've been eyeing this since I saw it online, but I can't find any locally in my city. I say keep it!

    Do you mind posting modelling pics? I'm just curious how it looks when worn. What size is it?
  5. It's a nice backpack.. very stylish for school ;)
  6. may i know where is NR? 800+ is such a good deal! I saw the bag the other day too and it was a good size for school. Now, do you ladies think it is suitable for work???
  7. very stylish for school :graucho::graucho: