PS and agencies in Korea

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  1. #1 Jul 6, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2016
    I wanted to point out some facts what people are worried about.

    1. If patients go through an agency wont the prices of surgeries be bombed?
    a) Yes and No. It depends on what the agency is. I am pretty sure before a procedure you would have done tons of research, sometimes a whole year on research. This could be a good and a bad thing. Good as in you know what kind of surgery it will be, bad as in an overload of information will just confuse you more. Different hospitals have different method of surgeries.

    b) Continuing with the prices, agencies whether you find them online or a friend recommend them to you is quite different. If you have found them online, you are most likely to be 'bombed' with prices. But a reputable agency who plans to continue will provide you with a rationale price. I am sure people are aware of the prices as they have done their research.

    There are some short-minded people who think cheap is the best.
    a) I understand people being ultra-sensitive about the pricing, however, lets look at the other side of the coin.
    Why is it cheap? Will I be a guinea pig on the surgery bed for in-experience doctors to try on? Who is going to 'secure' the operations that is going to be perform on me? People! We are talking about PS some can be minor as double eye lid surgery, some can be major as zygoma, chin shaving, and so on. Wouldnt you want to know that the doctor that is performing on you, to be most experience and is in best condition?

    Now, lets look at the doctor's perspective, he/she is doing the same surgery one is 2million won the other is 5 million won, which one would you prefer to do? if you are the doctor? The best would be for the doctor to do both surgeries but which one would the doctor do first in his prim condition? Doctors are human too!

    2. Why should I go to an agency when I can get to the PS alone myself?

    Again with the hypothetical situation, there is patient A and patient B, patient A is a walk in, patient B is from an Agent. Which patient would the doctor take more seriously? Yes, I know both patients are needed to be taken seriously, but lets be just a little rational. I presume that patient B would be more taken seriously, since if the doctor makes a mistake the agent wont be sending anymore patients to that hospital as their reputation would also be tarnished.

    Going through a 'right' agency is like having an insurance in your car. If it was your decision and not the law you might not choose to get insurance, but there is still a possibility of a car accident, and if you are insured you already have one 'team' on your side, fighting with you.

    3. I have read people's remark on avoiding big clinics as they bomb the price.
    a) Bigger doesnt always means better!
    There are big hospitals, i wont mention which but people going in and getting their face stamped like a part in a factory on a conveyor belt. Those are the places you should avoid.

    b) I am sure you have read articles on patients dying on the hospital beds during surgeries in big hospitals.
    They have 40times more patients than small hospitals statistically yes they are more likely.

    c) Are all of them well experience doctors?
    No, not all of them, some big hospitals have pay doctors, which means they get paid to perform surgeries the main doctor cannot due to the time schedule, but patients are not aware of that, they think that paying more money means they are getting surgery by the main doctor, most probably, the patient had received a huge discount during the process.

    4. So then why are big hospitals good?
    a) They (most) have anesthesiologist for surgeries. Small hospitals cant afford them, usually main doctors do it themselves. They have a 24 hour emergency team on standby. Doctors who are able to build a big hospital means they were able to build their company to a high demand on their surgical skills.

    5. A hospital is doing a promotion! The price is very reasonable, lets go?!
    Really? Why would they be doing a promotion, if they have a full schedule? maybe because it is too attract consumers as prices are competitive? Yes, sometimes hospitals sometimes have promotion for marketing reasons but look at the dates for the promotions. If they are having a promotion during peak seasons of the year. It means they dont have enough patients and they are counting on a cheap price to attract customers not their skills. But if they are having a promotion during off season, its reasonable.
    peak seasons- holidays (school holidays, long holiday seasons)
    off seasons- when everybody is in their office working?

    1.Avoid clinics that has a reputation of being a factory, everyone has their unique features.
    2. Use an agency to be safe, an extra money to be safe is not foolish it is being SAFE!
    3. Dont base your decision on the pricing, PS is very hard to be reversible. It is not shopping, you cant buy another face once its done.

    That was a long rant, thanks for reading hope if was helpful. Feel free to criticize, it is your God given right to speak your mind. As I have done. P.S this is purely my opinion.
  2. So, do you have any agents to reccomend? Have you used anyone before?
  3. Hello,
    yes, i have collaborated with a few agencies some good some bad. Good as in some they actually care about the patients well being, bad as in some just want to take patients to where agencies are contracted with. I wont recommend agencies cause if I do i would be advertising the agencies and that would lower the credibility of my rant. What can i say is an agency with a good reputation will have patients who used them write good reviews or better yet recommend them to friends who are looking to do PS in korea.
  4. I came to Korea and had a surgery alone. But I didn't feel any uncomfortable.
    I could take a taxi alone, Korea has a good public transportation system, and I could ordered the food and had it in my room.
    I had to buy the medication after the surgery, but my consultant helped me. :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:
    I didn't need any other person to help me out~~
  5. I am glad you were able to have a good experience in Korea, the food and transportation isnt a big problem when it comes to PS in Korea. The main issue is the pricing and the aftercare of the hospitals and clinics but it seems like you were satisfied with the service and after care which is a good thing. But like i mention on the thread it's insuring your car when you go out on the road for the 'ifs'. If there is not accident during it is the best case scenario but if there is an accident its abit too late to be insured isnt it? But overall if the result if good and you are willing to take the risk and nothing happen it is the best case