Ps Advice: Model Nos for Chanel Flap Jumbo

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  1. Hi all,
    Can someone ps advice me? I'm asking my pal to get the Chanel Jumbo black Caviar Flap for me, and she said that i need to provide her with the model no, so that she won't purchased the wrong item for me.

    Can some kind souls ps provide me the model nos for this Jumbo Black Caviar flap in Gold HW and Silver HW? I've tried to do a search on chanel's website..but the model no is not reflected..Thanks so much for yr he;[
  2. Thanks Nat! Glad that someone replied me..but oh dear..i am confused..i'm just asking my pal to buy a jumbo flap classic cavier..and when i saw the come there are:

    Jumbo Flap
    Style Code: A28600
    Dimensions: 12" x 8" x 3"

    Maxi Flap
    Style Code: A46558
    Dimensions: 13" x 9" x 3.5"

    Maxi Jumbo (new Maxi)
    Style Code: ?
    Dimensions: 13" x 9" x 4"

    I'm totally the model i wanted is jumbo,maxi or maxi jumbo??!!!!
  3. You're welcome! Sorry it took so long before you received a reply.

    Well, the Jumbo Flap is the ultimate classic flap and iconic to Chanel, the one that has always been around. It's part of their continuous Timeless Classics ligne.

    The Maxi and Maxi Jumbo flaps are variations on the regular Jumbo and are larger in size. The Maxi flap came with a so called 'wing' problem (do a search on wings and you'll see what I mean ;)) and was replaced by the Maxi Jumbo.

    So the model you probably want is the 'real' Jumbo:,1,1,4

    More pics of the Jumbo and other flaps can be found in our reference library:

    Hope this clears things up a bit!
  4. Nat Nat Nat! Thanks sooooo much for your detailed explanation and kind advice! i fully understand now..Yes, you are right..the one i wanted is the Jumbo flap...This is my first time buying a chanel..and i went to the local chanel shop yesterday to try, but all jumbos were sold out..the SA never said anything abt Maxi Jumbo or Maxi flap. Thus, i started to panick when i read that there are 3 diff kinds of jumbo sizes...don even know which one is the right size.

    Thanks once again. You are so great!:biggrin:
  5. My pleasure! Have you asked them to put your name on the waiting list? Just to make sure you'll get one when their next shipment comes in.
  6. Nat..
    i'm asking u a silly qns here..from your personal u prefer cavier jumbo (black) with gold or silver hardware? Will the gold tarnishes and have uneven colour after few yrs of usage? Is silver hw easier to maintain? My pal is in Harrods now waiting for me reply..and i'm in Singapore struggling to give her my ultimate reply...heeelpppppp
  7. Hi moofoo, my personal preference is the silver hardware. I have a 7 year old shopping tote with gold hardware and so far it hasn't tarnished yet.
  8. Hi Nat,

    My pal is already in the plane..flying back to Singapore..hahaha..i had asked her to buy the gold hw..hope there is stock left in the shop...(i will only know 16 hrs later ;P ).tks so much for your help here :smile:
  9. Oh, haha! That's a long wait! Crossing my fingers for you.