Pruning time, Help me decide, Thanks!!!

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  1. It's beginning of the year so it's de-clutter time for me. I've also acquired way too many bags in 2008 so it's good to start with I can buy more in 2009!!! :graucho: Really, I don't have much of a storage space & I don't want to start leaving my bags around or stashing them in every nook & cranny I can find in my home. So I really MUST do some pruning.

    Phase I - Iris & Kelly Green Nikki, MAM Trio in Light Grey to go(Took me a while but I decided on them so no changing of mine). Purple Lizard MAC, BRAND NEW & unused had also gone to a new home last week.


    What I have now :

    1. MAB Trio - Black(my only Black bag, love this for Work)
    2. MAM Trio - White/Black(such a classic, ain't it?)
    3. Mini Nikki - Ruby(am not a Mini Nikki fan but the leather is so easy to maintain & the colour is pretty & everyone needs a small bag somedays but I have the MAM?)
    4. Nikki - Cobalt & Scarlet(love both colours but I also have a Bal EB which is close to Cobalt. If I keep Ruby, why do I need Scarlet?)

    I don't either of one of the above more than the other. That's coz I rotate them very heavily. Also I am more a Nikki girl but strangely I want to keep both the MAB & MAM. I would love to keep 2 Nikkis as well or even 1, so which one? Or should I keep only the MAB or only the MAM? :confused1: This is so driving me nuts!!! :wtf: TIA!!! :flowers:


  2. "Pruning." :lol:

    Phase II: Get rid of #4. Cobalt and EB are very similar and I have a feeling you want to keep EB. Like you said, Scarlet is similar enough to Ruby that you can live without. And, you need a small EASY bag like a mini nikki. Ruby is an amazing leather. I can't imagine parting with it if I ever got it.
  3. It's a tough call but if I were you I'd get rid of the Ruby Mini Nikki and the Cobalt Nikki. As you mentioned already, you're not a fan of the Mini Nikki and you already have a MAM that you want to keep for your smaller bag needs. Ruby is a beautiful color, but it's not as rare as say Stonewash Blue so you can probably find the color again in another style.

    Also, you mentioned that Cobalt is similar to Bal's EB and it really does sound like you prefer EB over Cobalt. I think I'm one of the few who doesn't care for Scarlet so if you need to get rid of a third bag you could prune out the Scarlet Nikki as well. HTH! :flowers:
  4. Hmmm, I definitely vote that you get rid of Cobalt...and I'm torn between Scarlet and Ruby. Since you aren't too keen on carrying small bags, then perhaps get rid of the Ruby? Hope that helps!:tup:
  5. Hmmm....I would say get rid of one of the red bags (I vote for the Scarlet, since I think that you might need a smaller bag, and the ruby leather is amazing and less common than the scarlet). Also Prune the cobalt (like other have noted, you seem to like the EB better and that will hold its value more over time). If you want to get rid of a third bag, I vote for the black/white trio, since you love it but you already have another trio that gets a lot of use.

    That leaves you with a basic black trio, a smaller "pop" red bag (the mini Nikki), and maybe a white trio. HTH!
  6. I think the bags for phase II should be Cobalt Nikki and Ruby Mini Nikki. In terms of colour, one bag of each colour is enough, and for style, it sounds like its the Nikki size that you prefer and you have the MAM for the days you have less to carry.

    So you'll be left with the trio Black MAB and white MAM, and scarlet Nikki. GL on making the final decision!!
  7. I would actually keep the cobalt nikki because it has the softest leather that best suit the NIKKI style IMO... the blue in this tone is very hard to come by IMO.. plus it has the silver HW.

    with that, I would say sell the ruby mini.. since it doesn't fit you well.. plus I think a lot of people like mini nikki and ruby is a rare color.. you probably get a better price for it.
  8. Oh I'm sad you're giving up the kelly green nikki- you inspired me to get mine! I understand though- having too many bags might seem like fun but it's hard to use them all!

    I'm going to say get rid of the ruby mini nikki- your description of it made me giggle- you talked yourself out of liking the bag (because its a mini) and then into liking it (great color and small size can be good) and then back out of it (also have a mam for small bag). I also think you should get rid of the cobalt since it's close to EB. That leaves you with the MAM trio (white), MAB trio (black) and the scarlett nikki (nice pop of color). I would personally keep them all though :P - they're all so pretty!
  9. Thank you all. You have been so wonderful!!!

    So MAB & MAM is staying for now.

    All the Nikkis are on the hitlist. Tomorrow onwards I will carry one per day & see if I can part with any/all of them.

    Cobalt - I love the SH. I also love the soft, smooshy leather. I will not give up Bal EB but I also feel like keeping this.

    Ruby & Scarlet - Why do they have to be 2 GORGEOUS, different but the same colour family group??? It is just so hard to love one more than the other. One's the size & the other is the leather & then there is that chilli pepper red Scarlet & that red with flashes of pink Ruby that makes me go weak.

  10. OMG Pink~ i know who you sold your bags to!~ :graucho:
  11. maybe you should lock all the nikkis up in your closet! then everyday, write down which nikki you first think of(but don't take them out to use!!)...kind of like "absence makes the heart grow fonder"...then whichever nikki you keep thinking about, you keep! LOL

    I figure it's really hard to prune your bags especially since you rotate them heavily....
  12. I have 2 green bags & can only keep one. I chose the most functional one. My Bal Work coz it zips ups. Sadly Kelly Green has to go. But at least I have the other Nikkis still in my hand. Yes it is impossible to use them all no matter how I rotate coz there are bound to be lazy days when everyday is the same bag.

    Ruby Mini Nikki - I know!!! I am crazy that is why I am having such a hard time.

    MAM trio - The Black/ know what? After carrying it today, I feel that maybe it is a little small & that Ruby is better for small bag days!!! So tell me, am I going crazy or what???:shrugs:
  13. When I sold my bags, I had this suspicion that maybe she knows you. Not that where you are from is small but coz I don't think there are all that many RM bags fans where you are(or where I am actually). I let my MAM grey go for very little, less than what I paid & it is so new so hope she loves it! & ROCKS it like you do! :yes:
  14. C, Very creative!!! But what if my answer is Ruby & my heart really wants Scarlet? :sweatdrop:
  15. Here are my two cents..... you have a lot of amazing colors/bags between your RM's and Bals...

    I think that you should definitely keep the black white trio bag. Its gorgeous- classic... and an amazing combo. Let go of the cobalt since you prefer the EB more. As far as the reds- you have a ruby bal don't you? I would let go of the ruby mini nikki because the scarlett although its more common, it has more character being distressed than just your typical red bag. KWIM?

    Good choice letting go of the kelly green as i don't see that as being too functional.. just more fun.. and i would keep the MAB trio too because atleast 1 staple black bag completes every collection IMO!