*Prune Heloise & Bay Wallet arrived - Pics*

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  1. :party:Hurrah - my Prune Heloise arrived from Sacoche this morning ( it only took three days to arrive and so far, so good on the customs front :tup:). I TOTALLY :love: LOVE the bag. I took it out with me today and definitely had some ladies checking it out :P.

    Sacoche gave me a very good price on the bag as compensation for all the problems I'd had, so I had a little bit of store credit left over to spend on something else. I'd been after a black purse/ wallet for a while and had been looking at some on Diabro, but they were way too expensive for me. As luck would have it Irene had a few wallets including a small Bay one left over from the sale, so I bagged that too and it's pretty cool :tup:.

    Anyway, finally the Sacoche saga is over and with a happy ending ....so the old saying about all good things coming to those who wait actually came true :dothewave:(unless the bag handles snap in the next few days :s)

    Anyway thanks for all your support and endless empathy / patience on this one girls :hugs:. Here are the pics for your perusal...

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  2. Love the wallet and that bag is TDF! Look at the colour!Wow. Def. worth the wait Tag. I'm glad you've finally had some bag luck.

    Hope u had a great bday BTW x
  3. I am visualizing strong STURDY handles. Nothing bad must happen at all to this beautiful thing. Tag - this just might be the ultimate. It is gorgeous - beyond gorgeous!!! So happy and relieved that you caught a break after the ordeal.
  4. :woohoo:WOW, what a beauty. Tdf colour. :love:
  5. Yay, :yahoo::party:. FInally, a happy ending! After seeing yours and llson's, now I cannot wait till mine to arrive.....:girlsigh:...
  6. OMG it is gorgeus:love: That is such a beautiful colour. It looks great on you as well:tup: I like the wallet as well.
  7. Wow the leather looks fabulous and the colour gorgeous
    Alls well that ends well
  8. You are a Chloe :queen:!!!! I wish they had a smiley for rock star, lol!

    I'm so glad everything worked out so well in the end. Between the too big bay, the :throwup: Prada, the :rant: ebayer, you've been through it all! But now, instead of feeling :cry:, you must feel :greengrin:!!!

    So..... what's next? I know you have your eye on SOMETHING?
  9. Tag ~

    Wow it is simply Stunning :love:

    Kitty :flowers:
  10. :ty: Cat, Pixie, Miss E, Jackie and Kitty....and.....
    :ty:Div...I can feel those handles getting sturdier ever since your message
    arrived :yes:

    Achsih...Looking forward to seeing your pics and you becoming a triplet
    with Ilson and myself ( are there any other Prune Heli owners out
    there ?)

    LYM...Well there always has to be SOMETHING I've got my eye on BUT
    I am TOTALLY :banned:now at least until DH's show gets a definite venue
    and opening date. That said, I'm not sure I really want to own either
    of the two other bags that have caught my attention. They're both
    Heloises...one is the Tan (like Jackie's) but since I hardly ever use my
    Moka Bay there'd be no point in me getting another brown bag really and
    the other is the Silver Metallic but given what happened with the metallic
    coating coming off my Argent Bay, I think I'd have to be pretty nutty :wacko:
    to go down that route again ( and that one is :wtf:ridiculously expensive
    too). No, I think I will be happily sated with my new collection for a while
    now :yes:.
  11. Tag, congrats, now you and I are Heloise Prune twins.:yes:
  12. :drinkup:.... and we're soon to become triplets with Acshih. You were totally the trendsetter on this one Ilson. I was totally blind to the Prune version until I saw your pics :drool:.
  13. [​IMG]Congratulations[​IMG], I'm so glad the bag went through so smoothly... That's fantastic!! And the bag is absolutely gorgeous, I LOVE it!!! What a beautiful colour! [​IMG]
    Enjoy her (and wear her in good health, as you would say)! You deserve it![​IMG]
  14. Beautiful bag, Tag... and stunning wallet. May it be filled with banknotes from your DH's show!
    You can safely delete Irene's email address from your address book now...
  15. Your new bag is just gorgeous, Tag. The colour is fabulous and the leather looks TDF.