Prune Chloe's at Chicago Intermix's

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  1. Prune Heloise, Saskia and the fabulous Roxy are available at the two Intermix's in Chicago!

    All gorgeous and ready for new homes!:woohoo:
  2. There is a coupon for $50 off a $300 purchase too... sometimes they let you stack them I think...

  3. Oh Oh,,,,,I forgot about that coupon? But that's a good thing.

    I keep saying Roxy, but it's the RIVA bag, sorry.
  4. Oh yes, the Riva, I love that bag, especally that red one that was posted in one of the threads. The pics on-line do not do that bag justice, and that red one is a hot bag!!
    Would love to see it IRL to get a feel for the leather, size, etc.

  5. Of all the Chloe's made, this Riva has the best hardware (sans the classic lock of course!).;)