Prune and/or griolet vs. other "pink" and "purple" colours?

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  1. Does anyone have comparison pictures of prune and/or griolet together with any of the following colours: rose shocking, violet, raisin, framboise, cyclamen or lilac?
  2. I have griolet, RS, violet and cyclamen. Will get some pics for you tomorrow when there's better lighting (it's 2 am here now).
  3. Great! I have RS, violet and cyclamen but it would be perfect to have a comparison pic with griolet, violet and cyclamen! I hope that you will get a good night's sleep.
  4. I can't give you any comparison photos, but I love griolet in tadelakt or box. Just a beautiful color. I got one of those mini cdc bracelets (can't remember the name) in it, just to have something in that color.
  5. kashmira :heart: - I can help you with prune, griolet, and raisin when I get home on Monday if you still need it by then :smile:
  6. Ranag, I would enjoy seeing the comparison photos!
  7. That would be absolutely great Rana:heart:. I am in no hurry at all- I am trying to educate myself a bit more.
  8. Here are some pics of the pinks and purples :

    Rose Shocking chevre mysore Karo PM
    Violet chevre mysore Karo GM
    Griolet chevre mysore Calvi
    Violet chevre mysore Bastia
    Cyclamen epsom Evelyne PM

    It's really hard to capture the true shades of these colours - they turned up lighter. You'd also note that although both the Karo GM and Bastia are Violet chevre mysore, they are in varying intensity of the purple shade - every piece of leather absorb colours differently even in the same skin type.


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  9. :ty:ms piggy for great comparison pics!
  10. You're most welcome kashmira. It seems like Griolet in Tadelakt is more "purplish/violet-ish" than chevre (which looks more gris and pale).
  11. On my sceen griolet looks quite "grey" but it would be interested to know how it compares to lilac. Once again thanks for your help:flowers:
  12. Gosh what eye candy! Sorry not a lot of help, just came to swoon.
  13. Ms piggy... gorgeous stuff... question, how easy is it to match these colours? Thanks..
  14. Hi empressjulz, thanks. As these are small leather goods (save for the Evelyne), I don't particularly match them with my bags/attire. They just go into the bag of the day and create some kind of purply pink rainbow inside (there's a thread somewhere here that is solely dedicated to rainbow inside the bags, you can do a search on it).

    Having said that, the larger Karo (GM) could be used as a clutch on its own.