PRP for undereye darkness?


Aug 3, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has had PRP in the tear trough for dark circles, and their experience with it?
I am a caucasian female, and have genetically dark circles. I also do have hollow-isa tear troughs but my main concern right now is the dark circles. I am not interested in having filler at this point in time, and feel I would like PRP first. I did some initial research on Realself and saw some concerning before / after photos where a woman developed severe 'bags' under her eye from PRP injections. However I don't know if this was done simultaneously with fat or filler injection. I am looking for strictly PRP injection only.

I would really appreciate some feedback. I am also considering PRP in some other areas of my face, as a general 'vampire facial'. The tear trough area concerns me the most and I don't want any adverse permanent swelling as a result.

Thank you!!