proven effective cleaner for bags?

  1. I bought the Mr Clean Magic Eraser, but reading it's "suggested uses" on the box, I'm afraid to use it on my bags! Has anyone else actually used it? I've also tried the Tide pen & it isn't quite doing the trick.Anyone have suggestions for cleaners that are known to work & be safe? I took my Zucca wine tasting, & after a few tastings I wasn't as careful as I usually am :sad:
  2. Sorry, I usally have very light stains that the tide pen works magic on. There is this other cleaner that frogbubbles mentioned-I think it was a gel cleaner. That was in a few threads ago. It really helped me that I scotched guard my bag, so now, when stains are on it, a quick wipe with a wet napkin or the tide pen and its all gone!
  3. i tried to use bleach meant for colored materials on the yellowish stains on my worked quite well..
  4. I used the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on my LAMB for Lesportsac bag, which is the same material and it worked great.