Proudly present my toile birkin

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  1. So i have came here back in december to ask advice on a toile birkin...i was not too sure about it. Dear members on this forum had help me with this decision. I think i should share the picture here and also thank those who had put in their ideas....and here we go: my enebe barenia toile birkin 35! (If i spell the names all right... lol)

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  2. Simply chic & divine!! Love!
  3. Love Love Love toile/leather combo B/K! Congratulations! She's one gorgeous bag!
  4. Such a classic, beautiful piece. Well done!
  5. Ooh
    Such a nice classic combo
    Good for all year round
  6. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I don't normally flip for Toile style but this combination is TDF!!! Congrats!!!
  8. Amazing!!!!
  9. I :heart: :heart: :heart: it :loveeyes:
  10. Fabulous! Great condition too!
  11. Very nice..
  12. What a gorgeous bag (:
  13. Fabulous! The toile combo bags are my favorites, congratulations!:heart::woot::heart:
  14. Über classy!
  15. Gorgeous bag, congratulations!