Proudly introducing... 2004 Marron City (before cleaning)

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  1. :yahoo: :wlae: :tender: :heart:

    Here's the Marron City 2004 I have just received. Its handles are dirrrrty, but I have started the cleaning process.

    This leather is softer than velvet!!! The bag barely holds its shape, and I took pictures empty and stuffed to show you the difference. Some are natural daylight, others taken with flash. Enjoy!!!:supacool:
    Marron City 2004 005.jpg Marron City 2004 006.jpg Marron City 2004 009.jpg Marron City 2004 023.jpg Marron City 2004 030.jpg Marron City 2004 033.jpg Marron City 2004 044.jpg
  2. I also posted a picture my 2006 Ink Purse to highlight the difference. 2006 has this protective coat that makes it feel a bit more stiff.
  3. Fantastic!! Congrats!!!
  4. Your bag is GORGEOUS!! Wow! Love that color, and the leather is to die for!
  5. wow betises i looooove that color, it's so rich! and i'm also loving your cuff bracelets...
  6. I love the color.
  7. ohhhh 2004 has GREAT leather!!!! It's soooo smooshy & soft! Congrats on scoring the 04 marron city!
  8. beautiful! isn't the ink v. marron comparison beautiful! I love having those two too! ;)

    congrats! :yahoo:
  9. gorgeous, of course!!!! enjoy :smile:
  10. betises_lau: that is one beautiful bag!!! :tender: :heart:
  11. Congrats!! Love the color!
  12. Lord have mercy. :nuts:
  13. IT"S LOVELY!!!! treasure it hon! :yahoo:
  14. GORGEOUS!! I love that dark brown with a tinge of red (like a choco paddy from '05). It looks so smooshy soft too. Congrats on that beautiful bag.
  15. wow, she's beautiful betises, congratulations on winning her :tender:...she looks like a brownish bordeaux & the handles don't look bad to me at all...i :heart: how you compare the leather to velvet (yummmmmmmmmm!!!)
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