Proud Momma of 3 new purse enthusiast.

  1. I feel like a proud momma. I'm going to vegas this spring with 3 girlfriends. We are all saving a ton of money and buying new handbags. For one girl it will be her first really nice handbag (dooney and burke doesn't count). My other friend is going on her 3rd nice bag. (and yes I was there to help her with the first 2) The last, will be buying her second. I'm so excited.
  2. Congrats!
  3. Also, 2 of the girls were out to dinner w/their husbands and one husband mentioned that $350 could buy a new purse. The two girls looked at each other and started laughing and one said "times 3." These poor husbands are just now figuring out what my husband has known for some time.
  4. Sounds like lots of fun, gucci fan. You are leading by example and exposing them to the finer things in life!:yahoo:
  5. oh that should be fun.. so excited to hear what each one gets..have fun..