"Proud member of TPF" selling fake Koala wallet

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  1. The nerve of some people! Check out this auction from a "proud member of the Purse Forum" -

    edited out link as this is hurtful to tPF member.
  2. ^^^ Hmmm.... may I ask you why you think this is fake? Just curious...
  3. :confused1: I'll like to know why it's fake too......
  4. :confused1: I'm confused too? At first I was just worried b/c it looked like the high bidder is also a PFer - but reserve wasn't met anyways...

    but then I took a look at the pictures and I'm not sure what is making you think it's fake? I compared the koala clasp to my koala agenda clasp and it looks the same?

    I don't currently own any damier - but from the pics it looks exactly like the damier stuff my boyfriend has so I'm just confused? It'd be interesting to learn something new...
  5. ^^ is it really one piece? I re-examined the first auction, and both look like separate entities...
  6. Looks like two separate pieces to me too. Will need more pics of the back to confirm ....if the seller is reading this, please post the back of the push lock if you're relisting it.:smile:
  7. Hey twinkletoes! Wow - great memory! :wlae:

    I would definitely need to see a pic of the back to be sure... :yes: Can you please ask the seller to send you one and post it here?
  8. Hey guys. This is my Koala wallet that was up for sale.

    It is not a fake. I bought this from a well respected, longtime fellow PF member like myself and have the reicept.

    Please make sure that you know what you guys are talking about before accusing someone of selling a fake. not very nice. I have been collecting LV too long to fool around with fakes. :idea:

    Also this can ruin someones name by falsely accusing them. I understand that you were only trying to help but you have to be very careful to know what you are talking about to make a statement like that. :yes:
  9. ^AGREED.This is OUT OF LINE.
  10. ^ I agree with you Jill! Hopefully everything can be resolved. Iluvbags, I am sorry this happened to you.
  11. I removed the link as it's not fair for people to look at her eBay name and associate it w/ fakes.
    I'm sure the original poster didn't mean to hurt anyone, although an apology would probably be appreciated.
  12. ^^Thanks ladies. It not a huge deal.

    I know that I don't sell fakes and so do the majority of my beloved fellow PF'ers.....

    But once I saw this thread I couldnt NOT say something.
  13. Plain and simple... Vlad and I will take down ALL authenticate threads if people begin guessing whether or not they think a bag is real. No one is an expert, but this is so frustrating to see real auctions be deemed fake. I would hate to have to close such important parts of our forum down
  14. Oooooooh Megs, Please don't. I love that thread.
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Not open for further replies.