Proud Chloe Owners???

  1. As a relative new Chloe owner, I can't help but notice how everyone in general seems to be sooo past their Chloe love & adoration stage. Everyone has moved on because that's so 2 years ago or whatever :smile: Everything Chanel or Balenciaga is TDF & Chloe is past it's time...even cheap & tacky to some!

    I'm just curious...don't Chloe bags in general hold up & stand the test of time? I'm not just talking about the precious beloved paddy...don't all their leather bags pass the test?
    I've never really understood the obsession with just the paddy it that much thicker or more durable than the leather on other Chloe's??

    I totally understand everyone's love for Phoebe & her amazing designs...but I think the Elvire has luscious-looking leather & I actually like the new Capsule tote with that glorious chain & smaller padlock in me crazy!!!

    I also think the new patent paddies are quite unique & might be popular. I love the Kerala Satchels because they are so roomy & have those cool charms! Does anyone know when the Kerala bags were initially introduced? I'm curious because I know they are not a new addition to Chloe.

    I guess I'm just wondering if anyone is still madly in love with their bag & thinks Chloe leather in general (not just paddies) is amazing???
  2. I'm relatively new to chloe, so there's still so much for me to fall in love with. I wasn't familiar with the quilted bay and i'm starting to become obsessed.

    I guess for people with more chloe experience, the new season's stuff is bland . I can't speak for other people, but if I was familiar with the old stuff already, I wouldn't have much to like. The patent paddy is gorgeous, but that's it for me this season.

    I'll always love my paddy, but I am starting to look into balenciaga firsts... they're rather pretty... unfortunately, chloe's new season just doesn't do it for me.

    Oh and leather itself doesn't do it for me, I want design! Unfortunately some chloe designs drive me up the wall... I know you like the elvire, but it just... I just... baaaaaaah. (Sorry!)
  3. I was visiting some Balenciaga's at Saks this weekend--- the leather's soft and the colors are lovely, but they dont look like they'd hold up like a Paddy.

    Some high-end bags-- like Gucci and LV-- considering the leather quality and workmanship-- I honestly don't think are worth the $$$! Don't tell the LV ladies on me!
  4. I'm a proud Chloe owner!!! And Dolce, Balenciaga, LV...I try not buy too many from one designer, so that I don't get tired of any of them!

    Chloe paddy leather is delicious - thick and heavy. The paddy style is sooo unique.

    I agree - the craze seems to have died down (at least on TPF), but I still rock my two paddies with pride:tup:!!!
    IMG_0101trim.jpg IMG_0460.jpg
  5. I am not sure what your question was...

    I'd have to say that even though I have bought and sold 3 paddies, and I now own 3 edith bags and a quilted bay is on the way. I also own other designers like Balenciaga, Dior, Gucci, but no other brand excites me as much as Chloe!!! Their bags are unique and the leather is uncomparable....
  6. I'm not actually big on designer brands... I go by design rather than brand, my one and only designer brand is my paddy, and the other chloe designs haven't caught my fancy. That's what I was trying to say when I think i'm not really loving the chloe anymore... the design's just off.
  7. I'm not into the new designs but older chloe still does it to me, I carry my chloes with love :love: and would like to have some more Phoebe Philo era bags in my collection.
    I'm eyeing other brands too, next I'd love to have my 1. Chanel... but still chloe will stay as my first love:yes:
    The leather Chloe uses is amazing and especially paddys are quite sturdy. In my opinion these bags only get better the more you use! Light colours hold up their original shade extremely well, they wont darken or yellow as light coloured bags usully do. I love ivory-ish balenciagas but have one which is yellowing badly... all my creamy chloes are clean and perfect even I carry them all the time, that's one thing I love in Chloes!:tup:
  8. so sorry! internet trouble caused multiple posts!
  9. OK, I think my spotty internet connection ate my previous post.

    I am a proud Chloe owner! I have 1 Paddy and 2 Ediths and I love them all. Everytime I look at my bags, I fall in love with them all over again. I just I'll use them long after others think they are over.

    It isn't really about a brand, though. I have other bags, too. Each one was chosen not because of the brand but because I love the design. I think that as long as you love a bag you should use it even if it is no longer the bag of the moment.
  10. Sonja, I saw a pic of your bags and they are lovely! I love your large satchel (I'm hoping to get one) and your large pocket paddies especially :heart:
  11. Thanks for all the responses's WONDERFUL to hear how happy you all are with your Chloe bags!!! Sorry if my post seemed a bit negative...I too choose my bags on design...not brand...but have come to love Chloe seems durable & good quality.

    Thats why it frustrates me to read posts (in other unnamed forums) which appear to bash or belittle Chloe bags from time to they are just too good for a brand they once beloved. I think it makes perfect sense if people so choose to move around & select various handbags styles & brands so as to not limit themselves to one "look." The problem I have is when those people don't rave about loving what they've switched to or are more happy with...they just have to put down what they once owned :sad: Maybe newbies have just switched to that brand that's being put down & they might actually like it...just a thought!!!!

    Have a great weekend ladies...enjoy what is left of it :smile:
  12. Thanks binky:flowers: For the large satchel you might be able to find one from eBay... I've spent a lot of time in eBay lately :tup:
  13. I do get annoyed at the throwing away of chloe has a brand! Once they're on the top of the world, now they're just nothing... I know what you mean.

    Chloe bags to me are unrivaled in design when they get it right... unfortunately to me this season was not on their side but I still love older chloes. I like it how it doesn't have 'chloe' plastered all over it (LV... Gucci... to a lesser extent, Dior... sorry to the fans of these brands), and it's craftmanship is wonderful.
  14. Well, I have three paddies and I am thrilled everytime I use them! I tried the Balenciaga city, but the lack of shape of the bag turned me off and I returned it. I have some Louellas from when they first became popular, the Giselle and two others (one in luscius pink) that I also love to wear! I fall in love with design, not brand, and how the bags fits my body frame ( I am small boned). The Paddies are the perfect size bag for me, and they are unique in design - no other designer has come close to the padlock lookk, the squishy leather, etc. I plan to wear them for years to come because I
  15. What happened? Somehow the message took off before I finished!
    anyway, because I love the design. I have Jackie O style Guccis that I also like to wear, and a black Chanel that I also enjoy. But my paddies are very special and enjoy them...