Proud as a peacock!

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  1. After 14 months of my husband being unemployed, he has been working since late August (two part-time jobs, but in areas that interest him...clothes and liquor) and I'm teaching an extra class for a small stipend. I decided to take advantage of the multiple FOS invitations I get each week. I've had a hankering for deep teal for fall and I'm a fan of solid leather bags. Here is Ashley hobo in peacock!
  2. Congratulations to your husband! I'm glad you both sound like you have made it through! I love your new bag, and the owl looks fabulous. Beautiful color, congrats!! :biggrin:
  3. Very pretty. Congrats.
  4. Oh I have been wanting to see that. Thanks for sharing. It looks almost Navy is that how you would describe it or is it just that way in the pictures?
  5. Very nice color. I like! That shape reminds me of the Madison Hailey.
  6. Gorgeous color....congrats.
    Congrats to your dh also on the job front. Hope things keeping moving forward for you both :smile:
  7. beautiful color and beautiful bag
  8. Congrats to your husband for finding a job or two!! (Two great areas!!! LOL - mine would be handbags, watches and liquor!!!)
    Yea for you~~ Very Pretty Ashley hobo~~~Congrats to you!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  9. Great color!!
  10. congrats, cute bag!
  11. Thanks everyone! It's almost a navy with a lot of green in it. And it IS a lot like the Hailey!

    After a year of looking for a "career", this is for the best. Ideally, he wants to open a tiki bar and is working on getting financial backing. He is working for the largest liquor store and does their tasting bar a couple of days a week as well as just working there. He develops drink recipes and makes them for customers. Yesterday, he featured a drink he created by accident with bitter lemon and chipoltle vodka.
  12. congrats! she is lovely! what a nice color for a bag... enjoy!
  13. Here it is with different lighting.
  14. Many congrats! Super cute bag, especially with the adorable owl fob! Glad you decided to treat yourself! Enjoy!
  15. Adorable Bag and congrats on your treat!:biggrin: